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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Blog

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Blog

Music some of the other aspects was sold to is you know here out this 30% federal tax credit yeah how does that fall into what solitude has to offer so this is something that we came out with last year and it's a great product we we learn from some of our friends that are our solar providers I mean you folks working with us and you know being in the solar industry we came out with this this small nightlight and what it is it's a small photovoltaic solar panel basically it sits there inside the tubing closer to the bottom of the tube and it charges during the day stores that energy and then at night it just brings on a little soft night light to to guide your way you know throughout the home we think it's a great product regardless of the 30 percent it can be really fun to prfor your family in terms of getting anywhere in the house safely and enjoyably you're not having to turn the lights on if you want a midnight snack something like that that's why I like it but really it gets back to the 30% and because this is a solar-powered device and installed with the unit off of the whole installation price you're getting 30% off your taxes at the end of the year so this falls in under the whole entire solar photovoltaic energy you got it you got it and that can be a little confusing a long time ago we used to fall into the energy upgrade portion the only problem with that is there's a cap to how much you can get off so when you're looking at that form five four nine five you go to the solar photovoltaic portion of it in this unlimited so it's just what whatever you spend on this product I know you folks were an install installing a 10 solar tube job just the other day and and so that person's going to have some hefty tax savings at the end of the year when they file their taxes ya know it's that's a real thing one of the neat things about this that I really like is the fact that it's you have double-a batteries that are rechargeable in these rechargeable double-a batteries me as a homeowner I can replace myself so a couple years they decide to go out which I'm sure like most batteries they will or a year or whatever the case case is we just had to take these out just like we would normally with the normal double-a battery just pulls right out and slides back into there's a little clip that this sits on and hangs off of to help with exactly so it's very straightforward the information is all in the battery in terms of being able to replace those and I think that's the nice thing with the ease and convenience of our system you.

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