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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Attorneys

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Attorneys

Oh no what are they doing oh no oh my god oh no all right this is a perfect example of sometimes the evidence just speaks for itself this is this is awful and hilarious Music hey legal eagles D James Stone here teaching you how to think like a lawyer today we're gonna review better call Saul episode 1 this is really exciting for me because I loved Breaking Bad and the character of Saul Goodman was particularly good because he gave such good legal advice of course it was legal advice in the context of a drug-dealing psychopath but still good legal advice nonetheless be sure to LIKE and subscribe to make sure that you never miss out on a future lawyer reacts and of course be sure to leave your comments in the form of an objection I will either overrule or sustain your objections based on their legal merit and of course stay until the end when I give better call Saul episode 1 a grade for legal realism so without further ado let's dig right in - better call Saul episode 1 it's on judge would use this voice god that is exactly what courtroom bathrooms look like they're just out of the last century they've got those weird push-up soap dispensers just horribly dirty okay this is uh this seems pretty accurate so far and that's so funny because lawyers really do practice their opening and closing statements in the bathroom before they go into court that is probably where you'll find most trial attorneys when court is about to start all right he gave himself a pep talk oh to be 19 again okay you can never just storm in to the middle of the well the area between counsel table and the judge it does seem like there is a prior relationship here between the judge and Saul Goodman given that the judge sent the bailiff into the bathroom to get him I'm guessing the judge has interacted with Saul many times before so he's giving him some leeway but you can't just burst in there like that but it seems like he may have had prior permission to do that so we'll keep watching okay but if you're being honest I mean really honest you'll recall that you also had an underdeveloped nineteen year old brain me personally I if I were held accountable for some of the stupid decisions I made when I was 19 oh wow and I bet if we were in church right now you get a big Amen this is really good what Saul Goodman is doing is he's making himself seem personable your credibility is everything when you're in front of the jury so you want to make it seem like you are a relatable person you're just another member of the jury so he's doing a great job of seeming self-deprecating and forming an emotional connection with this jury in this what looks like a closing argument so so far very good which brings us to these three now these three knuckleheads and I'm sorry boys but that's what you are they did a dumb thing that's also really good when you have bad facts you need to get ahead of them to front run them and to show that you're aware of those bad facts but to downplay them and to show that they aren't dispositive to your case so I like what he's done he's actually making his own clients seem personable they're young they're knuckleheads as he put it he is making them seem relatable but also showing that they have made mistake and trying to get ahead of whatever bad facts are against his case it's so far pretty good fact one nobody got hurt not a soul very important to keep that in mind fact 2 now the prosecution keeps bandying this term criminal trespass mr. spenalzo the property owner admitted to us that he keeps most portions of his business open to the public both day and night so trespassing it's bit of a reach do you think they've oh man I really like this as well keep in mind that a trial can go on for days and sometimes weeks so there are hundreds if not thousands of facts dozens of people testifying a trial is a very complex thing so what Saul Goodman has done here is reminded the jury of two and only two facts because a trial is really really complex and he just wants them to focus on two things that are particularly good for his case so he points out that no one got hurt which may be important from a legal perspective in that one of the elements of whatever crime they're being charged with may be triggered by bodily harm but more importantly it shows on an emotional level that there's no need for the jury to punish these boys because no one was hurt so it dovetails on the emotional and then the second thing that he focuses on is the legal requirement for criminal trespass not being made if the property owner gives consent to someone entering their property then these boys can't be guilty of the crime of criminal trespass so he's focusing on the one hand on the emotional trigger that no one was hurt and also on the legal trigger that the element of criminal trespass isn't met so out of all of the things that the jury learned in trial he focuses on these two salient points which are both good for his case and I think that that is a very good way of going about your closing argument here's what I know these three young men near honors students all clear honors feliz erodes one Saturday night and they just a little bananas I don't know call me crazy but I don't think they deserve to have their Bright Futures ruined.

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