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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Assessment

Hello my name is Kyle and today what we're gonna look at is Google Forms and our focus is going to be creating a secure testing environment for high schoolers using a Google form or Google test so we can go completely paperless so what we're gonna look at is we're gonna look at Google classroom and Google Forms now Google classroom I'm going to assume that you know a little bit more about it and how to distribute stuff and for Google Drive though we're gonna be using Google Forms to create our quiz and we're gonna kind of expand it to limit access so you can use the same quiz from period to period and still limit access to when the students had the information before the exam and after because one of the big drawbacks of going digital is we can we're giving the test questions and they can just share with their friends next period and then they had that they do pretty much showed them the test and we don't want that to happen so one thing that I've done is I've password-protected my files or the access the question so let's show you I'm going to show you how to do this using Google Drive I'm gonna be using my work account so I'm gonna click right here for new and I'm gonna create a brand new Google Form now when I do this this is kind of like a normal form anyway make sure you're in your work account because there has some extra options especially if your domain is could touch like mine is right here so let's create a sample form or a sample test so I'm gonna call this sample YouTube test and then inside of here I'm going to just name it sample YouTube test so when I first want the students to look at the test I want them to see their name and access code so this way they can put their name on the test before we even even get started so as my students come in what I'm doing is saying hey open your laptop's go to the classroom get the test ready so they can see the test itself and get it right there and ready to go this way I limit the technical difficulties of starting the computers up creating the and they make sure they're on the internet and all those fun stuff they've already done that and we're not during the bell change and we're not worrying about it during the exam time so I'm going to create their name first so student's name I'm asking for their full name make sure I have that there and I'm gonna make that required because again it's really important for us to know who's submitting these questions then we're gonna add a question here and we're gonna ask for an access code now we're gonna make it a short answer as well just like the name and we're gonna make it required if you do not make this required you pretty much didn't make a password at all so it has to be required that they put this particular value in now to limit access we have to click on the little three dots here and we're gonna click data validation when we do this we get these other options and we're gonna validate this using a regular expression now I'm not gonna go into details with regular expressions and I can kind of give you a really cool way to like cut words and stuff like that I have a minimum word count another really fun stuff with Google classroom using regular expressions but not today we're just gonna do passwords so we're gonna make regular expression make sure it matches and the pattern you're looking at is the password my suggestion is to make it fun and concise and try to make it so that kids will be able to get it so so I ended up will pick pink spoons today for this video and I always try to make it that so the kids kind of giggle when they when I get it and becomes a little light-hearted part of it plus these two words are very easy to spell and that's what kind of my thinking behind it and I pick something completely random every single time it's usually things that are pretty much sitting right next to me and I'm just picking random colors or adjectives so today we're picking pink spoons and I'm going to do incorrect password' and this is just the this is just the a message that when they don't type in pink spoons or whatever your password is is the error message that they receive so make sure that that's custom there otherwise they'll just get a big red thing and they won't know why so incorrect password puts that in now I personally would suggest you changing the password every period so and you can do this while the students are taking the exam so what I have done is I've given the password I give them about five minutes I walk around making sure everything's okay and then I immediately come back and change this particular password so that they can't text it to their friends and then they can access the test as well even even if I keep on walking around sure someone's gonna have that idea plus if they give their frat to their friend and the class word that afterwards that they're stuck they can't get back into it now if a student student computer crashes again you have to give them the new password but then just change it again - so this is what we wanted to see so we click on this right here that says add section and this is actually where the real test is so we're gonna do test.

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