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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Affiliated

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Affiliated

Looking to get Twitch affiliate fast? In this video, I'm going to lay out a strategic plan on how you can guarantee yourself Twitch affiliate faster than you ever thought. And we're getting started right now. Hey, it's me, Wild, coming at you from my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips, tricks, and even education, just like in this video right here. If this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow and improve your streaming needs, make sure you hit that big red subscribe button and tick that bell so you're part of the notification squad. So you know when my videos go live for you. If you're a new Twitch streamer out there, you're probably really interested in how to become a Twitch affiliate. And in this video, I'm going to show you all the secrets. But we first have to take a look at what are the Twitch affiliate requirements to get that invite button for the program. Let's go over them really quick, so we all understand what we need to accomplish. Twitch lays us out four goals that we have to accomplish for the affiliate program. The first one is we have to broadcast for 500 minutes within 30 days. Requirement number two is we have to have seven unique broadcasts within 30 days. Requirement number three is we have to have a concurrent of three or more viewers in our stream over the last 30 days. And the last requirement we have is we have to have at least 50 followers to our channel. Now, if you guys need any more information on the Twitch affiliate requirements, I actually did a video on that. I'll put it in the card on the top right there and a link...