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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 5495 Affiliated

Instructions and Help about How Form 5495 Affiliated

Looking to get twitch affiliate fast in this video right here I'm gonna lay out a strategic plan on how you can guarantee yourself twitch affiliate faster than you ever thought and we're getting started right now hey it's me it's wild coming at you from my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips tricks and even education just like in this video right here if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow and improve your streaming needs make sure you hit that big red subscribe button and tick that bell so you're part of the notification squad so you know when my videos go live for you if you're a new twitch streamer out there you're probably really interested on how to become a twitch affiliate and in this video I'm gonna show you all the secrets but we first have to take a look at what are the twitch affiliate requirements to get that invite button for the program let's go over them really quick so we all understand what we need to accomplish twitch lays us out four goals that we have to accomplish for the affiliate program the first one is we have to broadcast for 500 minutes within 30 days requirement number two is we have to have seven unique broadcasts within 30 days requirement number three is we have to have a concurrent of three or more viewers in our stream over the last 30 days and the last requirement we have is we have to have at least 50 followers to our channel now if you guys need any more information on the twitch affiliate requirements I actually did a video on that I'll put it in the card on the top right there and a link in the description below it goes a little more in-depth but these are the four requirements that we need to concentrate on for you to achieve affiliate status let's do some simple math here since we know we have to broadcast for seven unique streams and we also have to broadcast for 500 minutes let's divide 500 by seven and basically that means we have to broadcast for at least two to three hours for seven unique streams which is quite easy to actually do with these seven unique streams we're gonna concentrate on these these are going to be our power play streams that are gonna push you over to get an invite twitch affiliate now I know what you're thinking but wild I can stream for more than seven days and that's true these are just the bare minimums in fact I think you should stream as frequent as you can but these seven power streams are a proven strategy that I've helped many people get to affiliate status so I want to show you this these are just guidelines feel free to tweak and add to it but I guarantee you if you follow and use these seven powerful streams you guaranteed will get that twitch affiliate status quicker than you ever thought now take notes because this part coming up is really important on how you can improve these seven streams to make them super effective and super powerful for our first power tip we want to consider our scheduling we want to make sure we take advantage of these seven streams by putting them in places where we can a stream effectively in this 30-day window pic spaces where they're kind of spread out don't stack them too far together we'll cover more why this is important later but if you have a lot of free time maybe you want to stack them kind of within two weeks maybe if you've got nothing but free time out there and you want to go full ham and go full aggressive with it you know you can do seven back-to-back streams I don't think it's the best but if you have the time and you're willing to hustle and grind it out hey I say go for it try to go get twitch affiliate within one week please take into consideration when you start scheduling these power streams how much time you can dedicate and allocate to them I mean come on you have to stream for a couple hours to really make these work and that can be tough for some people out there you may have a family you may have kids you may have school you may have work maybe you want to go out on a date with a boy or maybe you want to go out on a date with a girl or maybe you have vacation coming up there's a lot of things that are different in everybody's life so really make sure you think about what days you're gonna be streaming on because you have to take it seriously now that we've blocked off time for these seven power streams you have to do me a favor make sure you show up you need to make sure that you're there on time make sure that you do not cancel these streams if you have to try to do your best to inform everyone out there look we're trying to make these streams powerful and effective and the only way to do that is if you show up and you hit that start stream button for our first power tip what you want to do is log on to twitch go under the game category that you plan on streaming and one hour before you hit the start stream button we're actually gonna watch another streamer a streamer that is only a few viewers above you usually with an arranged about five is decent and what you want to do is be engaging ask that streamer questions about the game about how they stream about them and also try to make a connection with the community.

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