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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Website

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Website

Okay let's take a look at how to add a form to your website so farms are a great way to capture information from your website visitors now it's actually one of the most important things that you can do on your website because capturing information your website has to have a purpose and oftentimes it's to get a lead or to get an email address there's so many benefits to being able to have information from the visitors so that you can repeat repeatedly repeatedly expose them to what you have to offer so forms are a great way to do that and I'm going to show you how to do that now I'm going to show you how to do it using a technology called ambit update because a bit update is a very very easy way to get in and make changes to your website adding forms to your website are a breeze and you don't have to mess with any type of code HTML Javascript or any of that stuff to get an addict code and make it actually work it's a very complicated thing to do by hand but ambit update is going to make it extremely easy okay so let us add a form now a very very quick way to generate a form is using Google Docs because it's it's one thing to be able to add a form to your website but it's another thing to be able to collect that information in a way that you can use it parse it and do all kinds of things with it so I'm gonna go to docs.google.com and more than likely you have a Google account so if you already have a look like you have gmail or you have a YouTube account or anything you already have access to Google Docs so you hit Docs Google comm and you want to create a new form okay so let's go ahead and create a form now we're gonna create the questions to the form and what's gonna happen is the questions are going to go on and except on a spreadsheet that's like Excel and all the answers are going to update on that sheet as they come in so it's a very simple way to collect information but in a way that's possible using commands that you're comfortable with using programs like Excel okay so what we want to do so what we want to do is add this form to the contacts so this is a sample website for a Chinese restaurant and people may want to input their information here now this is a this is a form that came with this template that I set up but we're going to replace that out and add a new form and it make that form when they hit the send button actually go into an Excel type document okay so first name last name email zip code so let's type in the first name and for this one we can just edit and type in last name so you can see it's it's really easy if I wanted to make it a required entry I could do that if I want to add another one let's see what was it email email is very important to have because then you can start to get them to come back to your site and let me go ahead and fill out the rest off-camera and I'll come back when it's all done alright so I'm done I just added all these and for this one I just put a paragraph text instead of a regular text and so I've called I have all the information that I want that was on here I have it on here now a quick little tip about creating forms is that the less information you ask for the more people are going to be willing to to add information so right off the bat I can see that I should probably I don't have to have their last name and this is just personal I don't have to have their zip code or their address but it'd be nice to have their phone and I can make that a non-optional feel so here it's a optional field and for maybe this one I could make it a required requirement and maybe make this one a requirement so we don't want to ask for too much but we also don't want to met ask for too little okay so once we're done we're going to just save this it's another form is safe so now how do we get this form onto our website well first let me go ahead and set a nice theme something that matches our backgrounds so let's uh I think I found one on the second page here where'd it go here we go let's make this for him so this is really nice very nice looking for him it's saved and now let us put this form on this page of our site and we're gonna do that using the ambit update technology all right so let's say go to more actions I will say embed and we're just gonna copy this code we don't care what the code says we're just gonna copy it and now we're gonna go ahead and put it in avid update so with that bit update all you have to do to make a change to your website is just browse the page you want to make a change to and we're gonna do it right here and we are going to hit the button call edit this page now this is a button that you get with avid update all right and then opens up an editor where you can literally just make changes right on the screen and so I might want to add my address here my office number is etc but.

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