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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Testimonials

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Testimonials

Everyone is halgate would crater of the testimonial rotator plugin I'm gonna show you how to create a custom front end submission form that will som allow your users to submit testimonials to your Testament ater and this will be using the gravity forms plugin gravity forms as a paid plugin I'll have a link for it in the description below and it's a wonderful form generator you can do this with other other plugins out there and just look for front-end submission or look for that but in this video I'm going to show you how to do gravity forms and so my plug-in creates a custom post type of testimonial so if you're using another method you'll just want to create a custom post type of testimonial first let's go make sure we have gravity forms installed and also we're going to need an extra plug-in a free one in the wordpress.org store called gravity forms plus custom post type if you just do CPT it should show up if not first it'll be second here last time I did it was first so that's interesting gravity forms plus custom post types let's go ahead and install that and get that going and then it's going to ask us to activate it so we're good to go in there so let's go to forms over here in the main menu and click new form let's call it submissions well let's be a little more descriptive testimonial submissions great and so over on the right I'm going to assume you have some knowledge of gravity forms here are some basic knowledge at least over here you have your different fields and you're gonna want to drag in a title so this will create your post title for this we want like a short description of your review and you can put what everyone here I'm just gonna show you how I would probably do it if I were to use this plug-in and so down here it says which post type this is the field that was added from that custom post types the gravity forms plus Coast and post types if you didn't have that extra plugin installed you would not see this option which allows you to choose from your post types and select testimonials that's key here and so also you're going to want to probably put it to pending review and this will allow it not to be visible until you actually go in there and approve it if you don't care about that and you want it to be published right away select this to published choose a default post author here or allow the logged in user to be the post author this isn't super important I would probably just leave it like this however it shows or put your default post author to your admin or whoever is your main post author this doesn't get used by my plug-in on the front end of the website so you will not see this let's go ahead and make that required because your post title is required most likely most of the time unless you want a blank one so there we go so that's some that's the short description the title and so the testimonial itself is just the body content so I just dragged the body post field if we go in here and we'll go your can't see is that thing popped out your review put that like that and we don't need to I mean if you want to make that required you can do that as well and I don't think we need to hit any other settings you can I saw their only appearance you can choose the size you want you may not want such a big one as well so there's your review and now we're going to need to map some things that are specific to my my plugin so let me just go in here real quick to the two this one that I have and as you can see we have the title this this the title of the testimonial ayah and mount to this the short description I mean if you want you can even go into an appearance maybe that won't make sense people maybe like excellent service you probably don't want to spell that right or wow I'm off today probably cuz the microphones right in front of my thing here you know for thanks you know something like that maybe just to give them a little bit extra idea about what my short description of my review is or you can leave that blank and when it comes in on your end and you come in here to approve or deny it you could go oh what's the best part here oh I'm gonna grab this and I'm gonna put that as my title that's another way maybe you want to do this to leave off leave off that title field and if we go if we scroll down the page you see we have some testimonial options the first one is to attach it to a rotator you can leave this blank if you want and then whenever you come in here to review you can then assign it to different rotators if you don't have any rotators and you just do the widget without rotators then that's fine as well but I'll show you quickly how you can get that set up the first thing I'm going to do is put a custom post type post field in here and we're going to call that rotator ID and down below you have a field type so here you have a few options on what kind of field you want to create let's go ahead and create a hidden field and let's set the name that it's going to be underscore you're gonna you're going to need.

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