Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Survey

Ok today we're going to work with making a Google Form and as you can see we're already in our drive so you want to make sure that you open up your Google Drive we're going to create a new form by clicking on new we're going to go down here to where it says more and it's going to be a purple icon it says Google Forms I'm going to click on that and as its loading a Google form is a good place for you to go in and to make survey questions or if you're wanting to pull an audience about something or you want input on the particular subject it's a great way to get it out there in a simple form and let the computer basically collect your data so here is you open up your form you can see that it's pretty simplistic the first thing you want to do is always title your form so I'm going to put my survey question here my description if I wanted to say please take a minute to take this question here I'm just going to abbreviate now we're going to start it already has a sample question for you so if you click on the question you can go ahead and start editing it so your untitled question here is going to be your actual survey question so as you can see I just started typing it didn't go away so when you make sure we delete that what is your favorite type of ice cream if you look to the right this is where your different types of options for your questions are you're going to be using multiple choice but there are some other ones if you ever need to use this again you can do check boxes the check boxes means that they're going to collect select more than one thing a drop-down will give them a drop-down menu to select them a linear scale from zero to five or zero to ten and several other options but for today's we're going to use multiple choice which should already be selected for you so I need more than just something that says option one so I'm going to click on that and hit my delete button I'm going to say chocolate and then when I click here my other one I'll put cookies-and-cream Music what's another good one vanilla okay so after I add vanilla if you see here I have it says add option or add other if I click on that it's going to go ahead and automatically give me a line that shows other that's going to be if they don't really like any of these things but they have another option they'll just click other and then let's say you're like oh I really did want to add strawberry if you'll see other has now moved below strawberry if for some reason you ever wanted to move a question an answer option you can just simply go to the far left hand side and then drag them up and down you want to make sure that you have this question is required so down here in the bottom you'll see that the required switch is to off so you want to make sure that that is on to just click and it turns it on now let's quickly talk about some of the other things that you're going to need to do with your survey you're going to need to go into settings in just a moment but first I once you see you can actually change your color palette I'm going to change mine to green changes things up a little now I'm going to go here to my settings and you're going to see that anyone who can respond has to have a Huntsville ISD email address that is what you would like you'd also may want to go ahead and get their username that's up to you if you want that way you know exactly who it was that filled out your form they can only submit one response that's probably what you're going to want to pick because you want to make sure that the same person doesn't vote multiple times if you want to add a confirmation page responded here you could say thank you for your time or anything else that you would like to say there or you can just leave it with the default that was already there so when they get done it says show respondents a link to submit another response edit their response or see a summary in this case you're probably not going to want to use any of these you're going to hit save and now your form is ready if you would like to ask what their name is you'd like to have that answer on a question on here as well you can click the add question button when you do that you now have another question so I could say what is your name now I'm not going to want multiple-choice here I'm actually going to want them to type it in so I would click short answer a paragraph you don't need them to write a whole paragraph you just want them to be able to put their name in but if you really wanted that question first again I made that required if I really wanted their name on there if I wanted that question first I can grab move this up here right above that other question and drop it and now they'll have to put in their name first before they answer my question now I really don't need their username to be required because now I know exactly who it was that filled out my form so I'm all finished with it and I'm ready for people to start taking my survey so I'm going to.

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