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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Statutes

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Statutes

Why hello beautiful people out there in youtubian land it is your boy the wolf himself mr bad all right so what is this particular video about this is an update for the ss5 okay so we know that this is the masterpiece on how to change the status um from a us citizen to a non-citizen national national of the united states okay um so a couple questions and some things that have come up in this particular avenue are will i lose my benefits okay so i contacted the ssa headquarters um so this is right from the horse's mouth they say that whatever you have paid in you will get and if you're collecting already this will not interrupt your services now as always guys make sure you contact your local ssa to re-verify that make sure you contact the headquarters whatever you want to do always do what's best for you and just because someone's telling you or giving you information on youtube don't always trust everybody's process do your own due diligence do what's best for you but from my experience after having talked to this uh lady it took about two maybe an hour and a half to get through and then talk for about another hour um she said that um you will not lose your benefits um and that they will not disrupt anything so she also went on to say that um um okay so if you change your status and she was assuming that at retirement age okay i was going to be leaving the country ergo changing my status so she was under that assumption and so she said that i can still collect okay as long as i am physically here in the united states six months before i collect okay so she actually did look into mine and i do have some money in there um probably from way back when um but uh that as long as i'm physically in the country then i can collect as long as i'm here at least six months before i apply for that so six months uh after or a day of i can collect i then put in my submission they're gonna look back last six months and as long as i'm physically here which should be i can collect so there's that now we do know um personal opinion even here in my own state that some of these agents as always imagine that want to play games and so some of them are saying that they don't know uh what other means on there um and that it doesn't really change your status um but that's funny because it's not what i got told when i contacted the uh headquarters for the ssa administration um matter of fact uh i asked the girls well how can i tell if my status has been changed i was like i just told her i was like ...

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