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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs Form 5495

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Statutes

Everyone Jeff here at stop the pirate stop blogspot calm it is February 23rd 2022 and just a real quick video today I just want to you know keep stuff rollin talking about statutes codes and regulations all statutes and codes administered by the United States government which is a federal corporation in the federal zone Municipal Corporation and Crown corporation owned by the crown in England what should and they own the United States fee-simple and they're ultimately owned by the Vatican in a lo diem so which claims to own the whole world because the Pope is claims to be the Vicar of Christ and Jesus isn't here now somebody's got to be in charge so it might as well be him so through the court of the Bulls or whatever they they claim through conquest today on the whole world I put everything into three trusts and it's never been challenged by anybody that's how the system works anyway all statutes and codes and regulations only apply to persons now a person doesn't mean a human being a person means a corporation so if you read carefully any of state enacted legislation what we call laws or statute encodes it'll always reference to a person a person commits an offense of failure to carry a license a person commits an offense of failure to register a vehicle a person commits an offense of driving without insurance a person commits offense of murder or whatever so if you read if you agree to represent your strong man which is your name in all capital letters set up at your birth your own little corporation because the United States corporation it's if you can't have any dominion over the flesh-and-blood human beings because it is a fiction it only exists in the mind on a piece of paper we think it's real because they they do that through our public school system then she dumps people down and makes us not ask any questions and just teaches us how to repeat so but anyway I'm digressing just the straw man look at all your papers your driver's license any check you get from your your company that you work for your insurance papers it so ease of your name and all capital letters so if you agree if you agree to represent the straw man all these things become binding on you these statutes and codes any commercial that commits or violates one of these corporate statutes and codes according the government I'll have a monetary value attached to though so really the courts are nothing more than revenue generating they're paying back the national debt now the national debt people always talk about the national debt well the national desk 19 trillion dollars well who do we owe the money to what's the interest rate what are the terms of the loan you know these are things that we never ask we just go along to get along but the the the money is actually owe to the crown Corporation which are all the inner city lending banks the Rothchilds I can name them all right now Rockefellers just to name a couple about I think there's 11 or 12 or 13 of them but they all are privately owned corporate banks who are actually when you look into it not not even loaning money they're just maritime insurance corporations which really means they're taking our responsibility now all this doesn't mean this is all you know bad bad bad stuff it's actually allowing us to operate in under limited liability which if you understand how the system works is a good thing because when you find out that all of your debts your public debts are pretty paid and there's no money to pay anything with anyway you start to get it and you start to see well this is this is actually a good thing set up under House Joint Resolution 192 when they took all the gold away from the person's and if you read that too it'll say all persons have to turn in their gold which meant corporations but we didn't know or they didn't know back then and they want to turn there all their gold coins in gold currency for Federal Reserve notes which is a debt fiat Tech vet note which you have to pay it's really just insurance on anything so anyway when a person registers anything with with the state the state becomes the owner and you become the holder in due course and you have the certificate or title just like when you register your child for birth and birth certificate you're actually handing over ownership to them to the state the government until they become of mature age but anyway that's basically it so the courts are basically just revenue generating businesses because we we were set up with unlimited credit through our we're actually the paymaster's of the corporation they had to do that because in a trust situation there's a trustee a trust door and a beneficiary or trustee a grantor and a beneficiary and they had to make us the beneficiaries because they can't be both so we actually get the benefit of the holes the whole system which means that we're we have unlimited credit and all we have to do is sign our name and I know it's not as easy as that but that's how the system is set up but but due to a normalcy bias and just people doing the same thing over and over they don't understand how it works so anyway I'm gonna leave it there but also at UN's codes have a monetary value to them they're all commercial crimes murder goes for five or six million now so if you kill one of their bonded debt slaves the United States corporation is always listed as the the injured party in the suit the.

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