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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Provides

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Provides

We're police responding actually I hi jeez get out get out of my car what the cops stop chasing me honest I was finding stopper in it took home I neato because I song so dear back me a game Tom dirty the cops came off when the cops gave up camping the cops gave up guys well I'm gonna go driving from crashing let me trashy the one I made the cops are real scaredy-cat didn't get it gave away a little crash into law is that what ya do you have to do blimp that darker one guys if you want to do a cop chase you should just following a little blimp and go hit one drunk driver coming this way my phone suck it he's got the cup Here I am you heard me and I'm on the highway bitch look hey he's dead come on I'm sorry I drove you off the street Blaine I'm sorry George Lopez doesn't like you and George Lopez will put you on hit list and he said go ahead and get a bull hitter who hit her in the car you're a run at home oh oh here they come ah oh god what they have nitrous damn nitrous now jeez oh god I swear they have nitrous now jeez I know what I have nitrous I am serving it out drought don't you see how about I bitch ah you're dead no not that until I am dead guys are gonna kill him oh no no no wonder I'm talking to strum right oh crap crap oh shit he's going okay at least I'm not fully damaged dad they're up his butt look at that look at that dudes they're nowhere to be found wow these are really slow think I'm not afraid of him right now why everybody hit someone oh Jesus maybe I am Oh oh ha i have a bed around bitch okay if I take one more crash I'm screwed so now I slow down they're gonna catch me so which garage by anyone she's getting away you have no visual thank you oh shit no not no no no you don't you need to let it go that's what you need you you guys go get another job don't get that I'm job like this one cuz right now you're doing going into a dead end you driving so slowly any killer no y'all go damage down oh yeah no cops oh sure sure oh yeah you can see how many minutes was that I don't know in 210 three minutes do you miss your bow okay oh my god that failed in life yeah 3 minutes you guys can probably tops at very easily well we'll be back for it with another cop chase by freeway.

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