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Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Pdf

Music here I have some important news to share with both the parents as well as the students but before I begin the viewers who still haven't subscribed please to subscribe if you want regular updates news and tips related to need please to subscribe to this channel so here I have a news article with the headline that says incorrect translation in NEET question paper Calcutta High Court gives 20 marks to the candidate so a candidate named Wasim Akram Hassan who gave the test in Bengali that is his regional language wrote a petition saying that 7 questions were mistranslated due to which he lost his marks according to him the questions that were mistranslated were question numbers 14:34 t5 121 148 163 and 165 so according to the test paper which usually contains 180 questions the marking is as you know that the marking is based on like four marks for a correct answer and one negative mark for an incorrect answer so after a thorough check into the situation the court found that out of these seven questions that he thought were mistranslated only five questions were mistranslated and out of the five questions he had answered four of them incorrectly due to the mistranslation the court said that the candidate would be awarded sixteen marks for the four questions and four marks because of the negative marking so in total he would be awarded twenty marks which is a quite fair amount to score a good rank in need so according to the CBSE rules and guidelines in case of any such discrepancy in the questions like in the translation and if there is a question that is wrong the English English version of it is supposed to be counted as the correct question but the court denied this the court opposed to this by saying that during the exam a candidate does not assume that the question is wrong he would believe that the question is right and would attempt it accordingly he would not look into the English version as he does not have enough time to go through both the versions and then attempt a question which I think has totally logical so this action of the court is very admirable as it gives confidence to both all the other students who also give their exam in the regional languages it also puts the CBS yet caution like you know it gives AB CBSE a way to take care during the future translations into the regional languages the other good thing that took place in this case was that till it was not proved whether the questions were wrong or not the court had ordered the college to reserve a seat for the candidate in case he would score the needed marks so the seat was reserved in the Calcutta College and if he will score the needed marks the seat will be awarded to him so that's all I wanted to share with you in this video if you like this video then please to like press the like button and if you would like to see such similar videos then please to press a subscribe button also thank you you.