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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Linked

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Linked

Hey guys is Gwen zilla and today is a very special day today is the day that we announce Morse f5s very first huge awesome contest of win last week our art vlog week was actually kind of a tie into our contest without you guys knowing it at y5 we are all pretty artistic in our own ways and we want to see how you guys are artistic so Moyes high five is having an art contest and not just any art contest but in Moyes high five art contest so you guys can send in anything from drawings you can send in Photoshop work you can send in like if you want to make a sculpture if you want to make um anything really anything like it's pretty much limitless as long as it counts as an art piece then you can enter it in the contest it does have to do something with my type 5 you could make your own logo you can like draw the cast you could I don't know anything really that you want you can submit your contest entries to high-five mail gmail.com and if you have problems sending your picture files or whatever in an email just message myself five and we'll get back to you want it and figure out some way that we can do this you also have an option of doing video taping your contest entry and you can have it as a video response to this video and it will also count all of the entries that are submitted to us are going on to moist ipods official myspace and we're going to have an album just for the contest entries we do have a first place and second place prize so our runner-up prize will be receiving my moist I five sketch that I did in last week's art vlog and we are sending this around to all of us excluding probably not mr. Adam a date I'm sorry just because he lives in Australia it's pretty far to ship for us rich people or anything so we're doing this for you guys um we'll see if Shawn wants to sign this for us and Cara and our grand prize first-place winner will be receiving our first official moyes i 5 t-shirt that is also going to be signed by all of us after the winners picked then we can start doing it it'll take a little bit longer to send to you guys but you can get a t-shirt and the size that you want in a color that you want you can tell us things that you want us to write on it or draw on it pretty much whatever it's your more sci-fi of custom t-shirt and there's only going to be one of these ever made and you will have it if you win this contest um and the winners are going to be picked by us at multi5 and yeah that's really really really exciting and all of us are super pumped see what you guys can do so the deadline for this contest is sunday august the 30th which is two weeks from today um we may extend it an extra week if you guys like really need the extra week or something we'll see but for now we're keeping it two weeks so we can end off the summer of why I five with the contest I also have to mention the review topic for this week because it is a review week and we are reviewing whatever last movie we saw either at home or in theaters or whatever we are going to review it for you guys one more quick thing before I go I know this is a long Sunday video but I hope you guys are all still here jake has to come back I came back on friday from his three-week vacation to Japan so everybody welcome Jake back he is going to be back on Thursdays and we have been starting this week on Monday and he is going to be here every single Monday so we finally have our full cast back no more fillings everything is it'll consistent so that's very exciting you guys aren't sure about anything if you have questions about the contest anything I missed just leave a comment or send us message or you can add us on our myspace especially because we're going to be featuring everything on there so I hope you guys have an awesome awesome week and get to drawing and I'll see you guys later on Wednesday with my view bye you.

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