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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Dividends

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Dividends

Music thanks for stopping by everyone my name is Jeff and in today's video we are going to talk about three stocks that pay monthly dividend payments so I have noticed a real shift you know in in the investing culture I would say over the past three to six months given all the volatility you know we've seen in the market at the end of 2022 and the start of 2022 I think a lot of people are getting into passive income forms that are more reliable in one of the best ways of course I've made several videos about this subject before is to get invested in dividend stocks so I'm gonna briefly touch on three companies kind of go through a company description but we're mainly going to focus on dividend yield and dividend history but if you would like a more in-depth stock analysis in any of these three stocks we talked about today guys of course just go down to the comments section leave me a comment and I will work on that you know when I have time okay if you're new to the channel make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don't miss any updates or future content and please drop a like on this video guys I would really appreciate it so the first company we're going to talk about is Main Street capital ticker symbol em AI n now Main Street capital is a business development company it focuses on providing customized debt and equity financing solutions okay so their portfolio investments are made of support management buyouts recapitalizations growth financing refinancing and acquisitions of companies Main Street capital is paying two dollars in thirty four cents of a yearly dividend or six point three six percent is their yield okay now what I'm gonna do I'm gonna pull up the dividend history and we can kind of go through this so you can really narrow down and focus on what kind of payment you're gonna get every month so every month you're gonna get 19 and a half cents for every share of main that you own so this company does declare its dividends three months at a time okay so the last time they made a declaration of dividend was back in October of 2022 right here so they pretty much historically payout on the 15th of every month like I said right here looks like they paid out on the 14th in December and like the 14th of September but pretty much you're gonna get that payment on either the 14th through the 16th of every month so going back to September of 2022 this stock was paying 16 cents per share every month and like I said guys you know keep your I over here on the far left all the way up here they have very very nicely increase their dividend their monthly dividend payout you know and it's not dramatic but they do you know increase their payment you know pretty much every year it's gonna go about a half a cent maybe an entire cent you know you were probably you are not gonna see the massive growth in this company like you will some others but you know a cash payment to your account you know each and every month you know what that does guys it gives you more buying power like I said to get invested into other stocks which like I said very very good you know passive income stream so you know even if you're not interested in buying main I would say at least have it on your watchlist so the very consistent increase in dividend growth guys you know like I said that's just more money in your pocket the longer you hold this stock the better those dividend payments are gonna be over time and stock number two on this list is stag industrial ticker symbol sta G in stag industrial it's a real estate investment trust it engages in the acquisition and operation of industrial real property assets so I will say this guys you will see a lot of these stocks that pay monthly dividends are usually real estate investment trusts or some kind of investment firm okay you don't see a lot of tech companies or pharmaceutical companies or marijuana company stuff like that that do monthly dividends but you will find a lot of real estate and a lot of just basic investment firms that do the monthly dividend payment now stag pays out $1 in 43 cents yearly or a 5.2 7 percent yield and your monthly dividend payment per share guys is eleven point nine cents okay so they just had a new declaration of dividend back on the 10th of January couple of days ago and they actually bumped it up a little bit from eleven point eight cents so not a huge increase but uh any increase is good so now going back to October of 2022 guys this stock was paying ten cents per share and again pretty much the same story as main you know we there has been nice gradual increase in their dividend payment throughout the years okay so again you know not huge increases in the dividend payout but you are gonna get a dividend payment every month and you're also absorbing the gain of the stock itself which is really nice if you're not invested in stag or you don't want to invest in this company I would at least keep it on your watch list you know really try to focus on if it drops really hard if the stock loses a lot of value that would probably be a good time to pick up a few shares you know knowing that on the 15th of every month you are gonna get a little paycheck from this company and the last stock we're gonna cover in.

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