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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Copyright

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Copyright

What's up what's up this your boys for the wings from wheel down space.com hey I've been getting a lot of questions from people that were even asking me how do you set up a publishing company or how do you set up your own publishing your music publisher well I'm gonna try to sum this up in like five major steps or at least four alright so number one is you need to make sure that you affiliate with a performing rights agency or society and I just you and listen I'm not the authority on this I just have been doing this and so you know I just want to share this information with you right so just disclaimer but I want to share this with you because I believe you know it's helped me and so I just want to share the love shove the knowledge with you but number one you want to go ahead and affiliate with eva BMI or ASCAP you know i don't really matter you just need to make sure that you get affiliated right and so the way you do that you go to a website ASCAP this is a scab is ASCAP calm or you go to BMI calm right you go there and you go do whatever you need to do to get sign up and affiliated with them right so you want to make sure that you you pick a mane this is gonna work and that they are going to accept because they won't accept the name that's already being used by somebody else right so you want to make sure that you pick a name is gonna work right so once you find a name is gonna work then the next step number two is you need to go you need to create a business entity whether that be a LLC or that be a corporation or a sole proprietorship but the way you do that is you go down to the kind of clerk office and you go ahead and you get the paperwork you file to be a business and then you go to that process sometimes you have to have that business name be on file and being a newspaper for a certain amount of time before it can be counted as a legal business thing right there you get your your EIN number your employee identification number so that way you're recognized by the government and long those right for me more information about that you can just google that information but that's gonna be important but you want to do the BMI asked out thing first because you want to make sure that your name is not already taken before you sign set of business all right so number two is you core number three is you want to register you want to register your songs at the Copyright Office right so you want to make sure that your songs get copy written so you want to go to a copyright doctor fill out the paperwork to register each song ran just like a little payment or whatever is your register song but is worth it you want to get that stuff put in the library right to where your stuff is copy written right so once you do that then you number four is you want to register your songs with your performing rights agency so the stuff that you copyrighted stuff is you wrote you want to then take that and register that with BMI or ASCAP you can't do both you can't be being mat you can't be affiliated with both at the same time right you have to be affiliated with one this is there be gonna be the ones they're gonna be the ones that are the that's gonna represent you for the record company so when the record company one is time for them to write a check and pay the check BMI is gonna make sure get that check gets to you it gets your address right so that's why it's so important to BMI and ASCAP they're in place to represent you right so you want to make sure you get your songs put in and filed in under your publishing name with BMI or ASCAP right so that way they're looking out for you making sure you get paid right so once you have that that's step by hey congratulations you know you're you're now a publishing company you now somebody's publishing music you know now you can issue licenses and you can record and you can send them out licenses out to record companies you know in others you can even make foreign foreign deals like with sub publishers and arrangements like that and you know other agreements regarding your publisher now your position where you can start doing that instead of just just going and trying to figure out a feel your way out you'll be able to have your sell position where you got music and catalog where if somebody hears it it's from a reputable company and they want to get it then you can now license that music out you know draft out documents and legal contracts and stuff and get paid for your work right so hey I hope this is I hope this helped this basic information but I hope it's been helpful to you in a vital to you listen if you want more information you want to find out how you can get more information about this if you are a producer if you even if you are artist you looking for music look for tips on marketing your music your music out there man there's a link down below and I want to encourage you to just click that link sign up to my email list and I'll be sharing information with you sharing tips with you that will help you.

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