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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Assessment

In this video tutorial we're going to take a look at how you can use Google Forms to create gradable quizzes for your students for years we've been able to use Google Drive to create surveys and questionnaires and things like that for our students but they weren't really gradable unless you used an addon like flubaroo or something like that well now Google has added some templates that make it really easy for teachers to create gradable quizzes in Google Drive and specifically in Google Forms so let's look at how to get started doing this Here I am in my Google Drive and you'll notice if I go up here to new and click it lists some things that I can create new copies of but if I just go down here to more I can select Forms now I haven't clicked anything yet you'll notice off to the right there's an arrow and again I haven't clicked but it pops open with some options I can either create a blank form or create a form from a template and that's what I'm going to do select from a template and when I do it takes me to the template gallery in Google Forms now there's another way to get there if you don't want to bother going through Google Drive you can just go to Forms Google comm and it will take you directly to this screen here and this looks like a limited version of what I get on this page but all you need to do is click here on these arrows and it opens up with the entire list of templates so I'm going to jump back to the previous tab close that one out and I'm going to go full screen so hopefully you can see this a little bit better but here are some forms templates that I can use and it can save me a lot of time now a lot of these are just for general use personal use work-related use but they're at the bottom we have some education templates that we can use notice that there's an exit ticket which would be great to use at the end of class there's an assessment which is pretty similar to what I'll be showing there's a worksheet and a course evaluation template so I recommend trying out all of these but for this tutorial I'm going to focus in on the blank quiz so I just clicked on blank quiz and it loads up what looks like the typical forms layout and I can simply go up here and click on blank quiz and change the title to something else maybe something like Spanish ar verbs quiz I can click to put in a forum description and there's my description and then I simply go down and click where it says untitled question and put in my first question there's my question and notice off to the right we have the different question types this can be a multiple choice question checkboxes a drop-down it can be a linear scale it can be multiple choice grid or paragraph or short answer in this case I'm going to stick with multiple choice and then here I just put in my options and so far this seems very similar to just creating a typical form but stay with me there are some differences that you'll see so give me a second I'm going to type in four different options and then we'll resume okay great we've got four good options but only one is correct this one here practicum and this is where the power of the quiz template comes in because I'm using the quiz template I can go in and click where it says answer key and I can indicate which of these is the correct answer so the correct answer is practicum that's now marked with a check mark as being the correct answer now before I move on I should also go in and indicate how many points this is going to be worth let's say this question is worth one point now I can simply go down and click Edit question and I get back out of the answer key and into the question building mode just like with the regular Google Forms I can go in and mark this as a required question which I think is a good idea for quizzes so I am going to do that and I'm going to go over here and use this button here to duplicate that question because my second question is going to be very similar to the first so this time I want to say use practicar to say we practice and notice that it still has the same answer marked as being correct and so you have to watch out for this especially if you're duplicating like I am i duplicated the question it also duplicated the answer key and so as of right now Google Forms thinks that practicum is the correct answer when it's really not it's practicum OHS but regardless of that I don't really want a multiple-choice question this time I would like to go in and choose short answer now with short answer when you click on answer key you don't get as many options I can't really mark a short answer response as B being correct automatically but what I can do is I can provide some answer feedback to the student so this feedback can be something like hopefully your answer was practicum OHS and then click Save so that aspect of it isn't necessarily self grading but at least you can provide some feedback back to the student I would then click Edit question again to get back to my forum where I can add more questions if I need to so you can see here at the right I could click to add a third.

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