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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5495 Applies

Instructions and Help about Form 5495 Applies

Yes it's me on the same day 30 seconds later but this is a new video and today I'm going to be giving you some advice things I wish I had known going into sick form number one you will drink lots of tea no but seriously today I'm going to be giving you some heart-to-heart advice and some things I basically wish I had known before I started year twelve I know that lots of you have started year 12 I know that's a huge chunk of my audience is just so dang sick form it's just so exciting because it's such a good year 12 I loved year 12 but it's hard it's a hard time and it's especially daunting to go into so hopefully you can sit down have a cup of tea with me watch this video and just like a hopefully like catch a little bit of what I like to call new wisdom which is not real wisdom it's just wisdom I've made up if you haven't subscribed feel free to do so now I'll give you a little break to do it okay okay so I am gonna be breaking this down just a little bit just because otherwise it's like a Rambler blessed and I do like those but not today University kind of stuff academic work-related stuff and it's just some general advice daunting I'm sorry I just said it in the wrong order we're starting instead with the academic stuff so it's going to be harder than GCSE I know you've already heard that I'd already heard that but I wish someone had like explained to me properly like it's gonna be very different not just harder but different the style of work the style of homework the way you do things the type of stuff you learn it's just like it's different and you kind of just have to like accept it and to be a little bit patronizing just for a second like get over it a little bit I know it's really hard and obviously if you're having actual trouble struggling with something this advice is not for you so this is my tough love get on with it I know you can do it you need to put more time in knew this was my advice that I wish I'd had put more time and then you did for GCC you can't just rattle off a homework because it won't go in you won't remember it and you won't understand anything else for the rest of this is really important to understand topics as soon as you start doing them especially in things like science in maths in like history if you don't know who the king is and then you like to study him for like three weeks it's just not gonna work so get your head in the game at the beginning stay on top of everything and it will be so much easier Lee to that the classic notes and organization please keep everything neat keep your notes as neat as you possibly can write as many as you can make it as easy to revise as possible because it will have so much to revise at the end of two years trust me trust me so please keep everything as organized as you can and as ready as you can to just revise from straightaway that will make your life so much easier I didn't do it so you should do it there's some more University related things is number one you don't need to know what you want to do that applies to non university things as well you don't need to know that you don't want to do university and that you want to do this or you want to go here and this is what you want to study or not study you don't need to know that at the beginning of year 12 you've got lots of time to think about it you've got lots of people who want to help you it's perfectly normal some people were changing up until like January of year 13 they like emailed the University I want to change my course it's okay it happens I had no idea what I wanted to do until the end of year 12 even then I was like do I really want to do this even though I'm like do I really wanna do this but I know I do and it did take time and there's a certain element of like exploring your a-levels before you can work it out that being said the more you can do to support your application and your personal statement towards having a university or a job or any anything actually doesn't have to be University the more you can do in your first year when you're not as busy the better now you say new but I don't know what I want to do so how do I prepare for it well for instance I did a course in forensics online and I was like this is not for me so I thought okay well I don't want to study that anymore no they thought there's a biochemistry course ah this is for me so by doing those things that were support for my application actually worked out what it was I wanted to apply for so if you know what you want to do perfect read as much as you can go to as many lectures as you can in your first year if you don't know do the same and you might find out what it is you want though there is a certain element of balance involved in sixth form life there's a lot going on there's like social stuff there's sport and school related stuff there's your work there's you cast stuff or whatever the equivalent is for you there's a lot.

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