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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Veterans

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Veterans

Hi Jim Lankin Shapiro divorce 661 combo we're not talking about divorce today you notice I have my Marine Corps hat on this is a video that if you will watch this for three minutes that will save you hours of time and frustration trying to get your veteran status on your driver's license on November 11th 2022 Veterans Day this year for 2022 days the Veterans Affairs and Debbie now say that we can get a veteran's designation on our driver's license which I think would be very cool for your discounts and things of that nature not having to carry around a dd-214 or a military ID card it'd be nice to say veteran right on your driver's license so I I followed the instructions on the DMV website and follow the instructions on the Veterans Affairs site and basically all of the instructions are wrong so I'm gonna give you the exact instructions on how to obtain this and I'm going to put a PDF of the actual form which you can't get anywhere online release where I can find they're making everyone go down to the Veterans Affairs site so the wrong information is this they are saying that what you first do is go down to a local veteran affairs veteran service affairs office VSO office and obtain the forms and what they're telling us is bring your dd-214 so they can sign off on the form and you would think he'd be good to go so you could go to do because I have a couple weeks to renew and I wanted to get this on the license so I went down there thinking I'm gonna get the form get him to sign off on it and what they gave me was a bunch of red tape I got a form saying that you follow these instructions so really I went all the way down all that far from Santa Cruz North Hills plumber to get the documentation but basically you have to send it downtown downtown LA so I'm gonna tell you step-by-step how to do this and then you can click on the link to my website I know it's a divorce site but this is just where it's gonna go because that's what I do for a living go to the link and I'm gonna put of this form it's not that form of this form so you don't have to spend an hour two hours driving to just pick up the form and then find out that you won't even sign it in front you know when you bring it in so I expect time you bring up my dd-214 calling and he talked to so-and-so showed up the guy wasn't working today and they don't even on for the service they're all they have is a little packet and they're just little photocopy so I'm gonna put it as a PDF I'm gonna link it up so hopefully everyone can find this and that's gonna save you drive time queueing from just on this alone so what it says is the first thing you have to do and this is this is assuming for LA County so if you're in a different LA County different County go to the Veterans Affairs website find your County find a local service but you're not gonna have to do that again because I'm going to put the I'm going to put the forms right on here so you can skip the step alright so what you're going to do is this is specific to LA County what it says is you're going to need the the status verification form filled out which is this and you'll have the PDF of it and a copy of your dd-214 it says the county supervisor will sign the form and mail it back to your address you then take the form from the DMV to get the veteran status on your driver's license so the red tape is first you get to pick up the package then you got to fill it out send it down the dd-214 and then you will one day magically get it the mail on the zooming it says that right here we don't know how long it takes to get the letter back to you if you have questions call a phone number by the way I called the phone number to try and get more information for you guys and it's disconnected god I love the VA next so speak with Ruth Ruth Wong or Chris Forte of course if you couldn't get a hold of anyone so that's not happening but on the website I did verify that Ruth Wong is in fact the county supervisor as is Chris forty which is assuming those are the only two people they can sign these things and then they gave an address guess what the address was spelled wrong Figueroa was spelled wrong and when I looked at the website the zip code was wrong come on guys get your together how can I get the address correct you trying to help veterans at least get this part right so anyways hopefully you guys will see this video it's going to be on YouTube it's going to be on my private whisky account and it's going to be on their blog and I'm gonna have the PDF on our blog so you can link to it you can download the PDF once you get this fill it out there's literally like six lines send a copy of your dd-214 what I did as well is I sent a copy of my driver's license so they get verified that I'm actually making the request and then I sent it down registered mail so I could get confirmation that it's been sent I just have a feeling this is going to go into a hole and I want to have.

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