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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Survey

What's up learn how nation in this video we are gonna talk about the top three paid surveys online that you can do to make money online from home paid surveys are a great way to make a little bit of money from home they're not the best way to make money online for that we've got another video on the channel that I talked about what I believe to be the best way to make money online but if you're looking for an easy simple way to make money online and a few bucks every day can add up to a couple hundred bucks every month which can be very beneficial for those of you who are looking for some extra money some extra cash and you've got maybe an hour or two sitting on the couch or doing something where you know you could maybe cruise through a few surveys paid surveys online are a way that you can make some extra money so let's talk about the top three paid online surveys these are all legitimate surveys these are surveys that will pay you for completing them there are a ton of spammy online surveys out there that you might see pop-ups that say take the survey and $100 from Walmart a little bit about a lot of those are bogus surveys so yeah make sure you keep an eye out for all those scam use surveys out there but these three are all legitimate survey sites that will pay you real money before completing the surveys so let's jump right into my top three survey websites the first one right here is swag bucks swag bucks is a very popular online survey site and they have a lot of other stuff in addition to online surveys but right here you can see from the main swag bucks screen answer surveys and earn and it will tell you right there how how long it expects you to take to complete the survey and how many swag bucks you will earn you can learn a little bit more about swag bucks in our article make money online on our website learn how blogging com but basically swag bucks are what you redeem for money you can see up here in the corner I have 2022 swag bucks that's roughly worth twenty dollars but you can redeem those for gift cards Amazon give cards PayPal gift cards other sorts gift cards and a lot of times they'll give you a discount so like maybe you can get a $25 gift card for only $20 so you can earn some extra money so yeah these are some surveys like you can see it takes 20 minutes to take that survey three minutes to take that survey but you can click view all and see some different surveys in the list it's telling me for this one that I want to see how the other featured surveys I'm gonna have to start this survey first but yeah you can get a good idea here of you can kind of see it's kind of grayed out but there's some nice surveys in there that I pay you like 150 swag bucks 125 swag books that take maybe 15 minutes or so so yeah I mean those might be worth your time but swag bucks is the first place that I would recommend to look if you're looking to do some paid online surveys the other thing they have is a refer and earn program so if you refer any friends you earn $3 for every friend that join swag bucks and I think earns at least 300 swag bucks and then you earn on top of that 10% of their swag bucks for life so if they're all your friends are on swag bucks doing stuff getting bonuses getting swag bucks you earn 10% of whatever they earn for as long as they're active so that's something that's really cool so I've got a link below this video that'll take you right to swag books if you want to get started and signed up with swag books like you can see here I'm earning swag books it's super super easy and there's a lot of other great ways turns 5 books so sign up in the link below hook me up I'll get hooked up with three books if you do that and it doesn't cost you anything extra and you'll get that good karma so someone will return their paper for you okay let's jump to the next survey website this one is called vind ale research this is more of a studious survey website I guess you could say with maybe a lot more educational I mean there are a lot of business surveys on here as well but the thing about window research it kind of depends on your demographic so you're gonna fill out your demographic when you start so you're gonna have to put in like your gender race your income stuff like that so they can kind of get a for who you are I mean you're not putting in like your address and personal stuff like that it's social security number nothing like that but like they just want to know your background so they know like you know this this survey result was from a 20 year old male who is a middle class citizen you know something like that so it kind of depends on your demographic on what type of surveys you get I have seen people who have gotten $20 surveys so they pay out 20 bucks to complete a survey so there's all sorts of prices here and my understanding is the more surveys you do the better surveys you'll see so I haven't really done a lot of surveys on here mostly just to experiment but um you'll see here right off the bat there's surveys that are.

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