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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Representative

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Representative

Hi guys okay so there were some questions about the family information form so I've gone into the clients a profile and I'm just going to click on continue' application okay so we have his stuff here and that's going to keep on clicking and continuing through so for the family information form um it says you know not provided but if I um if I hover over it it gives me the form so I'm just going to click on that and I'm going to go save target as which is what I usually do and then I'll save it to say my desktop but normally I would save it to a client file so I'm going to click on that and then I'm going to go into the form okay so this is the family information form um so it is a secured Adobe Adobe Acrobat Pro version for me and the reason that it's an Adobe I pra pro version for me and I can make any changes I need to to this particular document within reason it won't let me change everything but it will let me fill it in properly is because I have the professional version so for Canadian applications you do need to have something that is beyond the acrobat reader if it's just Acrobat Reader it's just reading the document we cannot fill in anything by by hand it all has to be typed in so you're going to fill out the person's name and date of birth country goes in here their current address in their current occupation and then you're going to indicate on the side what this person is coming them to Canada or not okay so we go to the second part is for kids and then all I do here is I just type in you know the date okay so I just type in it's kind of awkward but you know so I just type in or you can use this one here you know whatever the date is so I'm just going to type that in and it will just fill it in at the end of it no signature required ever ever ever so we're just filling in the date that we're filling in this form and we're just going to forget about the rest of it okay so I certify that this information so if no children listed in Section B we didn't sign below you're just going to enter the date for that if they have no kids and then here you're just going to fill in the date again and that's all you have to do you don't have to sign it nobody signs this they have shortened the form uh and they are only requiring people to submit for this particular work permit because it is such a tiny little work permit you know they're not asking for someone's full family history they're just asking for their immediate family relatives and that's it so I hope that I hope that I answered everything here let me just have a look here so again for Peter McHugh you just want to fill in the family information form it is slightly different it looks like we no longer need to give them foam brothers and sisters that's correct um so you guys are going to have to upgrade to Adobe professional software so it's a downloadable form from Adobe or program from Adobe I think it's about 150 Canadian dollars it's gonna be less for you guys probably maybe 90 euros something like that I want to make sure I've answered every question here photo the dead sighs fee okay um looks that looks correct yes that digital photo looks okay to me but again you know we just have to say to the client look you know these are the specifications please make sure that the lab follows the specifications and they do they do but this looks this looks normal this nothing wrong with with that form there okay so the photo looks okay then I have Irene Kelly and she is a veterinary nurse you advised me that you need to do a medical test is it on this page that.

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