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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Refill

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Refill

Hey guys welcome back it's Chris today we're going to talk about how to do a basic bill now this Phil is if you want to keep the color you already have on your nails and you're just gonna filled in the out-group and this bill is going to be really fast and easy opposed to a backfill where you remove all the acrylic and then you fight another color of acrylic over the entire nail so this is going to be really fast and simple so you guys can whip these out in no time let's get started Music all right so my model here has Happy's nails on for a few weeks and you can see here the outgrowth and to start our fill I'm going to drill off the shine and the topcoat off of her nail now since I'm working with colored acrylic and I still want this color as my base I'm not going to drill off all the color I'm gonna apply my new color on top of this one so I don't have to drill too much I'm gonna go in with my cuticle pusher and I'm gonna push back your cuticles now you're gonna want to push back the cuticles to get as much of the dead dry skin away from the nail plate as possible when you're applying your acrylic you don't want any dry dead skin on the nail plate because it will cause lifting now I'm gonna go in with the sanding ban and I'm going to lightly buff the nail plate where the natural nail is all right now that I removed the shine from the natural nail plate I'm gonna go in with my dehydrator and I'm going to apply it to the nutley and what this is gonna do is it's going to remove any oils that's on the nail and I'm gonna go in with my primer and I'm going to apply it to the nail plate and this is gonna prep her natural nail for acrylic application so for this look I'm gonna be using ignite from the Glo collection and I'm gonna pick up a small to medium bead I just want enough to fill where the natural nail is and I'm gonna drag that color down into the beat now if you're working with colored acrylic it's really easy to change your look by adding a different color for your film if you're doing an acrylic set with a natural powder you can just change the design with different colored polishes so now that this nail is dry I'm going to file shape and buff the nail okay now this look is going to be a simple fill its filling in the outgrowth with a different color to create an ombre if you want to do a backfill you would remove as much of the underlying pigment as you can and then you would completely cover the nail with a different color this technique is a quick fix for an outgrown acrylic nail and it will take you about a quarter of the time of doing a complete backfill or a new set so it's definitely a benefit to you and your client I'm going to go in with my favorite top coat and it's Karis kind non white topcoat I'm going to apply it to the entire nail from cuticle to free edge now we're going to go ahead and cure that for 60 second and there you have it guys that quick and easy fill if you guys enjoyed this video hit the like button and subscribe to watch more tutorials you can click the boxes to watch the next video or click the info card button at the top right corner of the screen thanks for watching and I'll see you next time Music.

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