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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Probate

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Probate

Hi it's for Weston here author and publisher of the DIY probate pack this short video will help you navigate a safe passage through the probate minefield and achieve a swift and successful DIY probate outcome to begin with here's a quick overview of the nine steps you need to take to obtain probate 1 read your DIY probate guide document in full to locate the probate forms and letter templates in the DIY probate pack 3 locate and check the original will for identify which assets don't require probate for example a joint bank account 5 list the liabilities of the estate such as credit cards etc 6 write to all interested parties to notify them of the death using the template letters in your DIY probate pack 7 value the assets involved in the estate 8 complete the correct inheritance tax paperwork 9 complete the probate application paperwork and submit this to the Probate Registry Office if you have completed these nine steps then congratulations you're making great progress and you can skip the rest of this video if you haven't completed these nine steps yet you may have encountered one or more of the following common probate roadblocks roadblock 1 the feeling of being overwhelmed and daunted by all the probate and inheritance tax forms roadblock to finding the time to complete all the probate application paperwork and roadblock 3 the fear of making a costly mistake and not forgetting the fact that dealing with all the probate requirements may be just one step too far with such an emotional and in time if you find yourself in this situation I recommend you find out whether you are eligible for the fast-track assisted DIY probate service this assisted service is only available to my DIY probate pack customers who wants an extra help completing their probate application it will put you in the position of finishing probate in record time imagine yourself in a probate outcome where you have offloaded all the form filling secure in the knowledge the forms will be completed correctly and quickly you have virtually eliminated the possibility of making a costly mistake you have obtained probate in the shortest possible time you can now move on and close your loved ones estate quickly would that lift some of the weight from your shoulders ease the probate burden and move you closer to what you need to accomplish if so you need to apply for the fast-track assisted DIY probate service and get all of these important probate tasks done for you by me Phil Weston completed inheritance tax forms done for you completed probate application form done for you the will checked for any possible problems done for you probate application submitted to the Probate Registry Office done for you and that's not all you'll also get personal one-to-one support from me until the probate process is complete I'll be your trusted guide through the probate minefield and the investment required is very modest just three hundred and ninety five pounds plus the 80 to get your probate application done for you and you can reclaim the fee from the estate as a valid expense if you are up at all interested I urge you to apply today and get the same outcome as my fast-track assisted probate client Gerald here's what Gerald wrote to me in a recent email to apply and to find out if you meet my eligibility criteria here's what you need to do one complete the confidential information form and schedule of assets and liabilities form located in your DIY probate pack to send these forms a copy of the will and the death certificate to this address or you can scan and email it to Phil dot Westen at Berkeley weston co dot uk' or complete the inquiry form online at www.fafsa.ed.gov you are eligible please do call me on oh one one six two seven nine five zero four four or email me thanks for watching.

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