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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Prescriptions

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Prescriptions

Are you doing well Medus mark Cain good Harry for you um I need to get these prescriptions filled for my son has he ever been here before no he's never been here before I won't need to get you to fill this out for me you well how long is this all going to take oh about 10 or 15 minutes why so long all you have to do is tick some pills in the bottle right okay well while we get you come back here we'll show you exactly what it takes okay patience I'm adding the last name first name the address I've never known him to come get me a phone number his brother and dative already mother it had been picked and will not have the application all right and now we'll put the critter item will enter the prescriptions first one is a monster seller suspension it's a 100 milligram for 5 milliliters setting 5 milliliters 1 teaspoon violated 12 hours look at that one again alright second one is for names 16 grams that's going to be one spray in each nostril velocity as needed and in the last one the third one you'll be ibuprofen four milligrams people take one tablet three times a day as needed for pain all right all right let's send thrown the insurance every day we're going to call the insurance company okay we just got done Alfonse entrance coming we've got them to go through credit all three labels I'm going to pull the drugs all right we're gonna put the flow nice label on the flow nice label your marks we have enough mix the box still pick up really good and we're okay Oh good afternoon miss fur did your doctor go over the medicines what you tell you tell me a little bit but not really a lot I really remember a lot of what he said good let's go over this with you to help you out make sure this cocky gets thank you and better all right this is an antibiotic called this be taken one teaspoonful every 12 hours you do need to keep it in the refrigerator and you didn't shake it up real well each time but most importantly would make sure and finish all of the medications keep it in the refrigerator and finish it off this kind of taste goes yeah oh yeah it's got a bubblegum flavor and he'll love it and be feeling better and just a few guys this right here is the nose spray to help with the conjecture is called flonase or is the generic magnet and we use one spray at each nostril once a day it's really important to blow those beforehand to clear your nostril so it's breaking we get all the way in there okay yeah it's been a little step we sound up that'll help the last medicine we got here is ibuprofen two weeks ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug and it's going to help with the pain and inflammation just one tab like three or four times a day as needed and you'll need to take it with some food okay don't take any other aspirin at build early along with it just Tylenol also I got to breakfast or something like that after breakfast afternoon or after supper up to three times done all right you know that any questions I think that's gonna be it thank you for your help today thank you copy feels better and commences you.

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