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Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Opinions

Music what's up now friends it's they're here and today I'm gonna be battling poly gel versus happy gel so in this video I'll be sharing my first impressions using my friend Bailey and she's going to be my guinea pig you'll see my thoughts firsthand and my struggles if you came here thinking that I was going to tell you only positive rainbows and unicorns and you came to the wrong place I'm here to share it with you pros and cons and my real honest true first impressions so if you're interested in that just keep watching I'll also insert some timestamps into the description box so if you want to skip ahead you totally can so we're going to start with Polly Joe okay so I'll just push him back the cuticles and scraping off the cuticle and then I will gently file it with my evil so now I'm just using this fit to go around the cuticle area it's super gentle you can touch your skin with it just to get any of the cuticle off the no plate because that's what causes lifting so I've already gored this file so that it's not sharp because you don't want to cut anyone in the side wall area and I'm just gently taking off the shine so you want to make sure all the dust is off everything all around the cuticles and everywhere else dust causes lifting prep and Prime and I'm just gonna use my Ugly Duckling because this is what I use for acrylic and I plan to change nothing about my application because apparently this is better than acrylic and gel so if it's better I shouldn't have to change anything okay so I'm just using these stiletto forms it doesn't really matter what forms you use I think so we'll see how these work out cuz I just like them so I'm gonna use them and these don't have a name-brand on them so I'm just going to fit them to her fingers and cut them to shape if you guys want to see more of my prep check out my acrylic nail playlist and there's tons of videos so what's cool about this product is I heard you can just place it on the nail and it won't move oh so I can like put all five dots on and they won't move around okay so I'm going to take a little jar look at inna stick some of the slip-on solution in it I heard it smells like watermelon smell do you think it smells like one of them yes okay so this is called natural clear everybody is saying that it's not super clear but it is called natural clear which has me believe that they are not trying to state that it's a crystal clear it's a natural clear yeah so maybe that's what people are confused with they're not crystal clear because it's doesn't yes it doesn't state that it is not that easy to squeeze out of here try it seems like a lot and put the lot on the middle finger wait and roll squeeze scrape it's kind of hard to squeeze if you have weak wrists this would not feel very nice cuz look look how much I'm shaking yeah I think this is a process you have to get used to yeah this is weird so what I'm gonna do is I'm using my magic gels flawless sculpting brush and the slip solution to Pat it into place okay that's a lot easier than I was expecting I was expecting you to have to like push really hard okay that's way longer than there's a lot I wasn't expecting it to be so thick interesting now it doesn't because what I wanted to do was sculpt the tip like I always do and then file it into the shape I want you know what I mean mm-hmm and then cover it but it's there's almost too much like I have to push it up to the cuticle or else I'd be wasting like a crap China product interesting I'm gonna get a little bit more for acute but how to apply it on top of what you've already done without ruining it okay that's not that's not ideal so maybe applying it at the tip isn't the best idea you know what that it's kind of nice that it's a smooth I really was expecting to not like it that much you know oh I read online not to use too much slip solutions here so I should cut back on there so that should stay where I did it for the next nail I like that it doesn't stick to the brush like gel does it's supposed to be odorless but it completely smells like nail polish remover like a lot like very strongly like nail polish forever do you agree yeah kind of normal kind of bugs me more than acrylic toes to be honest but I mean I am really used to the smell of a car like so so that definitely apply it where you want it or else it's not that easy to apply the reason I wanted to pinch these but I'm still gonna pinch them I just got to work a little bit more on this and like this cuticle isn't getting that's nice as they want it because where I placed it it is hmmm not supposed to it does move you know like for them to say it doesn't isn't true okay this finger I found a little bit easier okay so I found to get more on the nail it was better to put it on the brush than to try to put it on the nail the smell of it makes me want to barf I really don't like the smell it's weird some people are like I love the.

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