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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs Form 5495

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Gov

Hello if you want to sell or transfer your property you don't always need to use a solicitor or other legal adviser but because it can sometimes be quite complicated we suggest you get legal advice before going ahead if you have a mortgage your lender may insist that you use a solicitor if you do employ a solicitor they will be able to lodge your application online this is quicker and more secure and the registration fees might be cheaper however if you want to go ahead without a solicitor you can use our transfer form tr1 to do it yourself you will also need to send us a completed application form ap1 we're happy to help you with the clerical aspects of filling in the tr1 but we can't give you any legal advice you can use tr1 if your land or property is already registered and you want to sell the whole of it to someone else or add someone else's name to the ownership for example if you've got married or entered into a civil partnership and you want to give your partner a share in the property or you can use it if your relationship is broken down and either you or your partner don't want to be an owner anymore you can't use a TR one if you only want to transfer part of your registered property for example if you wanted to sell part of your garden to a neighbor in this case you would need to fill in form TP one in this video we will assume that your property is already registered with us it's always a good idea if you get a copy of your register before you begin to fill in the TR one there may be entries in the register that you will need to take into consideration before you can complete the form here's a few examples of entries that you may find in a register a restriction these can be worded in a variety of ways depending on the situation but they limit the ways in which you can deal with your property in this example John Smith's agreement would be needed before the transfer could go ahead a unilateral notice or caution this protects the interest that someone else has or claims to have in the property in this example loans and company have an interest so you would have to contact them for it to be cancelled or removed or the transfer could go ahead if your property is leasehold there is usually a clause in the lease saying that the landlord has to give their consent to whatever you want to do or at the very least you would need to let them know what's happening if you have a mortgage and you're not paying it off you would normally need to get the consent of your lender before you can transfer the property if on the other hand you are paying it off you would need to get your lender to provide written evidence to show this this is called a discharge some lenders will send you a paper discharge others will send it direct to us electronically it's very important that you consider the register entries and get any relevant evidence that you may need in relation to them your application could be delayed if you don't do this before sending it to us as we will then have to contact you to sort out any problems if you aren't sure what to do about any entries or you don't understand them then you should seek legal advice there are also many other matters that do not concern Land Registry directly but may be very important to you for example do you need to consider if there are any tax implications for you do you have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax on the transfer in these cases you should contact HMRC for advice I will now talk you through how to fill in our transfer form tr1 panel 1 title number or numbers of the property fill this in with your title number when we register a property it's given a unique Land Registry reference number this is shown at the top of the first page of the title register and also on the title plan when you write to us it's important to always quote the title number this will help us find the relevant file or documents quickly and it will help us to know that we're dealing with the right property panel 2 property fill this in with your property address including its postcode if it's a piece of land give a brief description for example land line to the south for Queen Victoria Street Nottingham panel three date leave this blank for now and we'll come back to it later panel four transfer or the current owners are called transfer ORS their names are the ones in the proprietorship part of the register in our example mrs. Smith owns the property but now wants to make her husband part owner so she needs to put her full name here sometimes there are reasons why the names put in this panel aren't the same as the names in the register for example one of the owners has changed their name because they got married in which case they would need to send us a copy of the marriage certificate or one of joint owners has died so the remaining owner or owners would need to send us the death certificate or grantor probate panel 5 transferee for entry in the register the people buying the property are called the transferees fill in this panel with their full names you can put in a maximum of four people do not include such titles as mr. or mrs. but you can include other titles such as dr. sir and lady mrs. Smith is the only owner but as.

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