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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Ethics

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Ethics

This is a short video in which I'll be explaining how you fill in the ethics application form this first page you should read through its instructions and once you've read it you can delete it in the next page you should look at the ethics policy we'll put a link in more and then put an X here to say that you've looked at the ethics policy in this section you look put the title of the research project and then underneath that you put the names of all the students who are in your group the Department is the information school and put the email of the first name student not all of your emails you don't have to put the telephone number to go with that but you can if you want the supervisor would be Peter story or me depending on who's supervising your project and the proposed project duration is March 2022 to May 2022 you won't be filling in any of these boxes unless your research involves children or young people under 18 years on to the next section in this box you summarized the aims and objectives so you put your a search question here and any aims that you've identified those will be the key things talk to your mentors or Sheila or Amy or Peter if you're not sure how to summarize those the methodology is how you're going to collect your data for example through questionnaire and if you've decided already how you're going to analyze it in this section I don't think that you would expect as physical or psychological harm to the people that you're interviewing or gathering data from so you could put here that no physical or psychological harm to participants is anticipated because your questions don't deal with sensitive matter and in a 7 this wants to do with your own safety I think that all of you are going to be gathering your data on university premises or virtually or in homes of yourself or your friends so in that case you could say that there are no issues of personal safety because and then explain that you'll be in safe places that you know if you are going out to anywhere like collecting data on the street then you'd have to explain how you're going to make sure that you're safe in those circumstances again talk to your mentor Peter on me about that how will the potential participants in the project be identified this means how will you know who to approach to us to be in your project so it could be they'll be identified if they are members of the information school or if they are class members of the BSC information management or if they are members of the University of Sheffield so they'll qualify if they are those things approached means how are you going to get in contact with them so this might be far email sent by Sheila or Peter it might be by being approaching them in the information Commons by attending a class where we know they will be present and recruited would you'd say there they will be recruited if they respond positively to our approach so you can just say that will you informed consent be obtained for the participants you should put yes and then in a 9:1 you should say that if it's an interview that you're going to get the participant to sign a form and also you will give them an information sheet if it's a questionnaire you will say that consent will be implied by filling in the questionnaire and you will also make an information sheet available to them going to the next page what measures will be put in place to ensure confidentiality what you'd say there was that you will anonymize all the responses and that only the researchers will see the original data and that you keep this original data secure there's no financial gain I think but if you are offering people chocolate bars or some other incentive than you might as well put that there a 12 will involve the production of recorded media if you're going to record tape record interviews you'd say yes there and in the section below you should say that you'll keep all the recordings secure and will destroy them once the research is complete finally on next page you fill in where has yellow bits you you fill in what apply so you fill in your search title name of supervisor your own name and then sign there so remove all the yellow bits and the arrows and ignore the last page unless you are.

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