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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Disability

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Disability

So in this video we're going to talk about how to fill out a disability report for Social Security this particular form that we're going to talk about in this video is the form that at the very bottom of the form says 3 3 6 8 this is a very black-and-white form the questions that it's being asked the total form is about 11 or 12 pages but don't be intimidated by the link that's a lot of repeated things in there you might not even end up filling out the entire form because they leave a lot of extra boxes for people who have a lot of doctors this form is you know there's not a lot of color to it it's asking very objective questions there's really not too many places to get tripped up in the adjudicative process by the information that's asked in here but there are a couple questions that I want you to pay particular attention to and make sure that you're really thinking about the question when you're filling out the form because these are some places where some claims can go astray so there's nothing too significant to worry about on the first page it's just asking you your name your address your phone number if you speak English pretty basic stuff the page to similarly very objective simple questions but the first place that I really do want you to focus on and maybe you want to go through and answer these questions now while I'm going through them with you is section 5 which is found on page 3 5 B asks if you attended special education classes it's very important in many cases that we have education records and that there's an allegation if they're you know if there's any type of learning bill disability alleged it's important that this is filled out right and it's made clear that you did attend special education classes don't feel constraint in here to asks you know the name of the school city state you attended so that social security as well as our office can work to get your school records here in 5b you'll definitely want to put the last school that you attended but if you were in multiple districts and you're and you think that some of the records might be elsewhere than just the last score the last district you attended there is space on the very last page of the form or if you're using our forms you know on the final drop down menu to add some additional remarks and it's definitely worth it to put the extra schools or places that you think we'd find some records for you so that's important section six which is titled job history that's also very important section 6 D of this form asks you you know kind of to describe and they only leave room on this form for one page but don't worry because they're also going to send you a work history report to fill out and I'm gonna talk even more about the importance of your work history and filling this form out right in another video that you can click on but in question section 6 6 D it asks you the number of the amount of time that you spent at work walking standing sitting climbing handling our large objects writing or using small objects reaching I want you to not think about that as an average I want you to think about that as they were asking you in an eight-hour day what's the most you ever had to walk what's the most you ever had to stand or sit or what's the most amount of time in a day when you were at work that you would ever have to spend handling large objects Social Security is not about averages I mean you can really hurt yourself if maybe on most days your job only required you to you know stand or walk for a total of three hours in a day but there were some days when you had to be on your feet walking around all day long and if the most that you can stand now is only four hours Social Security could say that you could return to your past work if you had put three because that was the but there's days when you wouldn't be able to do your job if you had put that you know the number eight there in those boxes and at the very least if you don't feel comfortable just writing eight in there it's okay to write you know walk three to eight there were times you sometimes had to stand three hours there were times you sometimes had to stand for eight hours so that's very important similarly and don't overlook this question six F asks about the heaviest weight that you had to lift the heaviest amount of weight not the heaviest amount of weight that you had to lift every day the heaviest weight that you had to lift you know every other day truly you know if you had a job where on some days you might do very minimal lifting at all but on other days maybe it was part of your job duties that you would have to help reorganize an office or you had to take delivery of packages that could be expensive think about the heaviest you had to lift in that job because you know you can really pay for it later by answering these questions too or too quickly the last thing that I really want you to focus on in this forum is section eight asks about updating your medical treatment this is a form that gets sent I'm sure you're seeing it pretty early on in your case do your best to answer and inform about you know your medical treatment but I don't.

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