Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Decedent

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Decedent

A decedent's estate inventory form is a form provided by the county probate court typically a personal representative must prepare an inventory list of the decedent's estate property within three months after appointment as the personal representative I recommend consulting with an attorney to advise and assist you with the completion of this form here's an example of a decedent's estate inventory form from Denver County as you can see there are eight categories or schedules as they are referred to on the form those schedules are one real estate to stocks bonds mutual funds securities and investment accounts three mortgage notes cash and bank checking savings CDs and health savings accounts for life insurance five pensions profit sharing plans annuities and retirement funds six motor and recreational vehicles seven other assets and eight liens and encumbrances on inventory assets for the purposes of this video we are just going to take a look at Schedule one real estate the form asks you to fill in the name in which title is held and list complete addresses type of property home rental land etc and the estimated value what you could sell it for in its current condition I can assist you with determining the full name or names in which title is held to any real estate properties here in Colorado as well as the type of properties such as home rental land commercial etc I can also assist you in determining the estimated value of the property and as requested in schedule 8 I can also assist you in determining what liens and encumbrances are of record against any real estate property please feel free to give me a call at three oh three to two nine five three four seven and visit our website at colorado probate team for tons of other resources we look forward to assisting you thanks for joining us today Jim Foster is a licensed real estate broker associate in Colorado with brokers Gil classic limited Jim it's not an attorney or providing legal advice in this video we recommend that all personal representatives and other parties to a real estate transaction consult with legal and tax counsel before signing documents thanks again for watching and we look forward to helping you at Colorado probate

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