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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Attorneys

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Attorneys

Greetings and welcome to step-by-step immigration forms video tutorial for form G 325 a the biographic information form this is a very important part of the application for the adjustment of status based on the marriage between US citizen and a non-us citizen and this form is used to give the examiners a background of who you are where you lived where you've worked who your parents are and a bunch of other information that goes pretty much in-depth into each one of your lives now both the husband and the wife are required to fill out this form and as you'll see it's a it's a complicated form so we're going to spend some time going line by line and step by step so that you'll be able to prepare it and have it accepted by the Immigration Service first thing I like to say is that what I'm going to be doing is describing to you the questions that are asked on the form and we'll go over the instruction sheet and I won't be advising you on what you should put down because I don't know you and I don't know your specific situation so I cannot advise you and for this reason you can't rely on this video tutorial as actually legal advice every day when I'm working as an attorney I hear people's story and I tell them what to put down in these boxes based on what I understand but I'm not going to be able to do that with you so you cannot rely on this video tutorial as true legal advice however by going through these forms step by step and line by line you'll get some good information about what the Immigration Service means by these questions what they expect you to put in there and also you'll give information about how it all fits together as one big application so really glad you're here with us and you're going to learn a lot while going through this forum tutorial believe me so now I'm going to switch over to a screen capture of the actual video of the the forum that we're going to be using the g3 25 a and we're going to take it step by step and line-by-line ok so here we are at the homepage of the USCIS now we always use the USCIS forms directly from their website when we're doing these video tutorials because we want to make sure you know how to find the most updated forms to do this work these forms change all the time they're constantly being updated so the forms we use today on this tutorial may be out of date by the time you watch it so for that reason we want to take you through the website so you know exactly where to go to locate this form and also how to read the instructions to know where to file it how much the fees are and all the rest of the important information that may change from time to time so let's here we're here at the home of the home page of the USCIS and this is located at USCIS govt so we're going to bring that up and you'll see immigration forms here we're going to click on immigration forms and we see the immigration forms page here and their numerical order so we're going to scroll down G 325 a right there biographic information now it says 0 there's no fee associated with this so that's great and this edition is 7 1406 and else's previous editions accepted so this they're pretty generous with this form then and biographic information purpose of form once one thing we want to get clear with you on how to proceed with this video is to print out this g3 25 a form first as we're going through it and fill it in with pencil that way you can make your mistakes make your errors and get it all figured out on the form and then go ahead open up the website and fill in the form on the computer it ends up working much better especially on this form and you'll see why when we start going through it there is a lot of complexity in this form and it will take some time for you to prepare your answers so this way it'll be much more efficient to you and the form will end up being a lot better looking so biographic information purpose a form to prbiographic information on an alien you file this form only as instructed on another immigration application or petition biographic is your your life story so this is going to tell them your life story this version of the g3 25 a is a fillable form you should install the latest version of a doe to be read or to make best use of the fillable features of this form so that's it download g3 25 a right here let's dive in okay here's the form now you'll notice page 1 of 5 this form it has 1 2 3 4 pages of the exact same thing this is a quadruplicate form and you'll see in the bottom left corner here number 4 consulate this one goes to the consulate number 3 see number two wreck bur number one ident so these are different agencies and different departments that they use you'll see over here the top right 531 oh nine and I ident wreck bur I don't know what those mean I can't I cannot tell a lie I don't know what those mean I do know there's four different forms until what I like to do is I like to print out just one form the first page and then I will fill that out and then when I go back I'll print out just one page I don't like to waste paper so I'll.

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