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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Assessment

Hi DM viewers this is mass father of wonderful ask was calm devious recently over one of our valued viewer has contacted us to make video in English for I wish MS risk assessment so specially for humor here we go this is the risk assessment for a success Minh sheet so in the name of a society we have to write the name of your tutor so here I write asked mass and the date when you are preparing this risk assessment she today is sheet 22nd December 2 0 1 8 and time when you have conducted this risk assessment right now it is 254 p.m. in Pakistan and work area the site which we have selected for risk assessment I have selected comes traction side of APC XYZ project you have to mention the name of that construction site or whatever site area is lucky for the conducting for conducting the risk assessment you can select the various of the ABC the organization you can select the production Hall of XY z-- that organization you can select the workshops of any organization no tasks being assessed wop what type of tasks are being carried out and what we will go in to assess construction activities such as I have made some spelling mistake let me write it again for you construction activities such as digging Music in that job cut in if you see cluster of activities so what is the hazard going to identify there are four rows given in this catchment in every row row you have to identify the separate risk if you say it is a fall hazard or work I then that is the next risk should be a hazard should be different from the previous one so I identify the four different hazard risk fall hazard and then let it come the hazards moving or traffic movement and then fire hazard so very you can see that I have identified all four different types of hazards fall has electrical hazard and then mechanical moving vehicles hazard and fire hazards know who might be harm here you have to provide the list of the workers the lift of the those person will be harmed by this that has it so I write fall hazard number one is equal to zero number of Supervisors and zero five workers and I also 2501 HSE so why sir now how might be harmed what will the action that will take place but what will be the hazardous event that may result in the harm harm or the accidents fall from height and in personal injury and existing control may get what existing control help me you haven't you ever worried to that person currently using body Arles workers using full body harness so it is the only controller here you have you are you have implemented yet so any existing controller yet tried to mention minimum controls and so you can save some of the controller is for additional additional control column likelihood is 0-3 I say and consequence will be it can result in to infertility so 0-5 then risk rating will be 0 500 0e 15 an additional control message that you will going to implement after assessing the risk provide fix if we follow the hierarchy of risk control you can see provide 6 to 3 at height barricade the area provide training to workers this and that so you may in this case you will if you you can use both consequence a consequence e but you can use the likelihood so we have lowered the likelihood to 0 1 but consequence will remain same 0 5 and risk rating will be 5 here it was 15 now it is reduced to 5 action monitored by who will monitor the actions of these additional controller use present no you project engineer shall ensure fixed platforms are provided HSE in shall provide trainings ensure area cordoned off and action monitored by then when these actions shall be monitored and when these action shall be take shall be implemented on site okay provide platform in idiot deadly provide paintings on immediately burden of a immediately and then why means early this is this is how you're going to fill this form and with respect to electrical hazard identify will be harm from the electrical shock or what will be the actual destruction that take place and result in the liquid electrocution existing model by use of that electrical hazard identify that is creating them right the additional control my years munis rating will be less than the previous illustrating action monitor by move and then in the end you have to write that you did if you dead shall be minimum three months or maximum by twelve months it is ideal right to today's 22nd December and I write for the second you zero one nine and signature I write my name or you can take a printout and do physically do your signature by using pen ballpoint and ask mass that is training provider very simple yeah I can show you the one of the field saya filled form yeah I have identified the All Hazards fall hazard vehicle movement hazard electrical hazard and then will handling you can see the amount will be harmed by a fall hazard to see whether she will supervisor a similar worker safety would be hired by vehicle but how they will be harmed moving the vehicle may hit any person or any station object it turns out in their personal injury or loss of it loss of material accidents assisting controlled by yes the elements are signs are in placed and risk is 20 and then I implemented further control my years anti-skid reduced to four or so each and if I was five and action monitor by home and I had monitor by then but if there's I hope you you may understand.

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