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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 5495 Allowance

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 5495 Allowance

Hello my name's Lee Healy and on the managing director of incomemax the title things but we help people to make sense of and understand the benefits and tax credit system so they we're going to tell you lots about the benefits and tax credits that are available we often get asked how to fill out a disability living allowance fault and I've got one here and as you can see they're incredibly long and incredibly complex so it's always a good idea to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the form when you actually do it and that's obviously you know whether it's online or whether you're actually doing it from a paper form that you've downloaded or headset through to you so what's the kind of top tips for filling out a Disability Living Allowance fault well I think first of all the key is to familiarize yourself with the kind of questions that you're going to be asked on the phone so rather than just kind of filling it out first time page by page actually have a good look through the form to get an idea of the types of questions that they're asking you'll see that the start of the film very much focuses on you and your personal circumstances so it obviously looks at your personal details it looks at who your GP is and quite importantly it looks at what your disabilities and health problems are so it really helps to kind of have an idea of that it also has a look at your medication as well so it's good to have to hand either some kind of prescription or if you know what tablets that you're on have a look at the labels or whatever so that's that's something that's really important to familiarize yourself with the form itself then obviously you move on to actually having to answer the questions and as you can see it's it's a long form with with quite a lot of information on it read the questions really really carefully if you're not sure what to put and by that I'm saying basically you know how your disabilities or health problems affect you it's probably good just over a you know a perhaps a week before you fill out the form to actually make some notes or keep some kind of diary on the particular health issues that you've actually got and how it's affecting you so for example you might want to do some kind of walking test which will kind of test your ability to walk and when you feel pain and discomfort and so on and so forth don't forget Disability Living Allowance is broken down into care and mobility so it's looking at your care needs and you mobility needs so basically fill out the form as best as you can if you're not sure whether you're filling out the form correctly or what to put do seek some advice from an expert benefits experts which you might find in a local sittings as a vice Bureau or an independent advice service will hopefully be able to make you an appointment and fill the form out with you and then obviously that will hopefully give you as good a chance as any of putting your disabilities and health problems and the problems that you have with your care and mobility down on sort of phone accurately once you've filled out the phone it's always a good idea to keep a copy as well just so you know what you've written and obviously what information is going to the government pop the envelope pop the the form in an envelope back to the government Department and then obviously you'll need to wait a few weeks before you hear that decision so that's a quick guide to filling out the disability living allowance form.

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