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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Testimonials

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Testimonials

In this video I'm going to show you how to construct the perfect client testimonial video and this format is the exact same format that I use with my local clients so stay tuned have you been correctly sync thank you hey nobody told me you guys were coming over today well now that I have you here we might as well talk about client testimonials everyone knows that people find from someone that they know they like and they trust in one of these best ways to build that know like and trust with your client or your audience is through customer testimonials but you need to know how to construct them correctly and use them correctly for them to be really effective so let's go ahead and check it out come on guys let's go all right so we actually put together a five step guide showing you guys exactly how to construct your client testimonials now before we begin there's a couple things you need to remember never script your client testimonials because they need to be real and authentic this also means to never hire an actor to give you a fake testimonial now the last thing you need to remember is to add any motion but never go over-the-top I'm just so happy I can't express myself how happy I am I leave it off I'm happy or sad adding too much emotion like that could actually hurt your image and make your testimonial seem pretty fake so step number one is starting with the fear the concerns and the current results now this step is really important because it allows your video viewer to connect and identify with you and your customer in the testimonial chances are your video viewer is experiencing the exact same problems that your customer giving a testimonial was experiencing before finding your business so as soon as your client testimonial mentions those pain points those fears and this concerns right beginning of your video the video viewer connects with those problems and you can even add a little emotion into it to get a little more power before finding Brandon in his video marketing services I had so much trouble getting videos ranked I had so much trouble getting my video seen I was spending so much time and not seeing any return on investment in fact I spend so much time trying to get my video marketing effective that I was losing sleep over it spending time with my family my friends and I wasn't even giving my business the proper time that it needs as you can see in that testimonial we hit the problems we hit the fears we hit the concerns and we added a little bit of a notion is that testimonial by mentioning he was not spending enough time with his family or giving his business the proper focus that needed so now that you've targeted the pain points and identified with your customer it's now time to give him the solution and build your credibility and you do this by having your client talk about the results they got and how easy it was to work with you and everything changed once we finally decided to hire someone I looked up a couple people and I decided to go with Brandon I can't even express how easy it was to work with him I showed him a couple videos I gave him a couple keywords I was interested in he came up with an entire plan and a plan of attack for our video marketing I literally just sat back let him do his thing and we saw a huge return on investments we got more sales we got more leads and we got a ton of conversions from doing a couple simple things that Brandon instructed us to do this has allowed me to spend more time focusing on the business and the really important things and it's given me more time to spend with my family my kids and my wife and now step number three is have them talk about how they felt and whether or not they recommend you this allows you to tap into their emotions and it gets the recommendation which is the entire point of doing a client testimonial I feel like huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders the entire process was very seamless it's very organized Brandon knew exactly what to do there's very little effort on my part and I highly recommend him if you if you don't go with Brandon you're doing your business and yourself a big disservice and then now we move on to step number four which is just asking your client if they want to add anything then this gives your customer a chance to really Express exactly how they felt and they may even include something you didn't think about to us now you don't always need to keep this footage in your testimony you can always cut it out but sometimes a nice little piece could come out that you can incorporate into your client testimonial now the last step step number five you need to have them sign a release form even though these are your raving fans you still need to make sure you cover all your bases you don't need any legal issues coming up because you use there watch their face or the video footage to help build your business you need to make sure that you have their permission to use this footage as a promotional tool for your business and help you guys out I want to give you a completely free release form template that you can use in your business now I do require that you have a lawyer look it over before you actually use it just to make sure everything is covered but you can download it today completely for free so.

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