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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Surviving

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Surviving

Can you spare a zipper if so that you can make yourself an improvised fishhook just break off the zip and bust open the loop pull out the loose end to a 90 degree angle and then use a rough stone to grind stay exposed tip down into a sharp point and there you go and easy to make improvised fishhook alternatively you can turn the ring tabs of any discarded soda cans into fish hooks to spend bullet casings can be repurposed into makeshift arrowheads just grab a large rock and pounce the casing flat remove the uncrushable rim by bending the metal back and forth until it breaks off and once that's all done and dusted grab a coarse stone and begin grinding down and sculpting that metal into your desired hour head shape and after a lil bit of elbow grease you'll have a sharp and strong metal Arrowhead if your boots are dripping wet and you need to dry them out then you'll probably place them next to your campfire well that's good but we can do better gather up a few large dried non porous rocks and place them on the edge of your campfire wait until those rocks are piping hot and and carefully place them inside your boot this way your boots will dry out much quicker and much more thoroughly as they're drawing from both the outside and the inside if you've left the house then chances are you've brought along your house keys well the jagged teeth of these keys can be used as a small impromptu saw to saw the small notches required for primitive traps and various other tools if you're struggling to find tenders or natural fire-starting materials then have a look down at your socks cotton and wool are flammable natural materials so if you are wearing cotton or wool socks then you can pluck off any loose strands and fibers for a neat little flammable tinder pile for a few sparks determine no sock fibers will combust into flames mosquitoes and other insects are repelled by the sense of time so if mosquitoes are a concern then grab a bunch of pine needles crush them up in your hands and then rub the oils they release onto your clothes and that should keep the mosquitoes away you can also burn pine needles over your fire for an ambient insect repellent for your entire camp if you have no knife but you're in need of a sharp cutting tool then try looking around for flint rocks these typically beige rocks with a shiny black interior can be cracks open and smash together to chip off small flakes and fragments to have a razor-sharp edge consider replacing your ordinary boot laces with seven strand 550 paracord so if you're ever in need of emergency cordage then you can just pull out a few of those incredibly strong inner strands alternatively you can just take off the whole boot lace for the strong string required for bow drill friction fires consider adding a small birthday candle into your survival kit that way if your life through is running out of fuel or you're down to your last match then you can simply transfer the flame to the candle which gives you a lot more time to work with it also those party trickery lighting candles work well as a wind proof of flame carrier many backpacks will have a soft foam padding and in most cases this foam padding is flammable so for an emergency tinder just cut out a few pieces of the foam and then vigorously drive your sparks into them to eventually produce fire try not to breathe in the fumes though as they will be toxic if your plastic water bottle has convex curvature then if you angle it just right in front of the Sun then you can focus down the sun's rays like a magnifying glass for a hail-mary fire making method if you're on the brink of dehydration and in need of some clean safe drinking water but so you have on you is a mere plastic bottle then worry not because you can still boil and purify water over the fire in just a mere plastic bottle the plastic can withstand the intense heat of the fire without melting or deforming so long as there is water inside to keep the bottle firm plastic bottles could not only boil water but they can also filter your water too so if the only water you have available to use the filthy dirty putrid pond water then the usual trick is to cut the bottle in half the bottom will be your boiling cup and the top will be your water filter so make the filter simply Pierce a few holes into the lid and then gather up some moss some grass and some small stones and place them all into the top half you can now pour your filthy water through this makeshift filter and it will come out a lot cleaner not perfect but certainly cleaner now take your boiling cup full of filtered water and place it into the fire keep the fire small and under control and what as the water begins to boil the end result is a cup of clean drinkable water and a reusable intact cup and filter a word of caution though this method does indeed release toxic carcinogenic plastic chemicals into the water so only user the last resort drinking that stuff is not good for your long-term health but it will keep you alive but now hands can get pretty filthy eating with them carries the risk of getting ill well avoid potential illness by eating with makeshift chopsticks just split a stick down the middle and place a twig or stone in between the cut now you can grab an eat your food without having to worry about bacteria as you.

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