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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Surviving

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Surviving

Can you spare a zipper? If so, you can make an improvised fishhook. Just break off the zip and open the loop. Pull out the loose end to a 90-degree angle. Use a rough stone to grind the exposed tip down to a sharp point. There you go - an easy-to-make improvised fishhook. Alternatively, you can turn the ring tabs of any discarded soda cans into fishhooks. Spent bullet casings can be repurposed into makeshift arrowheads. Grab a large rock and flatten the casing. Remove the uncrushable rim by bending the metal back and forth until it breaks off. Then, grab a coarse stone and grind the metal into your desired arrowhead shape. With some effort, you'll have a sharp and strong metal arrowhead. If your boots are wet and you need to dry them, placing them next to your campfire is good, but there's a better way. Gather a few large, dried, non-porous rocks and place them on the edge of your campfire. Wait until the rocks are piping hot, then carefully place them inside your boot. This way, your boots will dry out much quicker and more thoroughly, as they will be drawing heat from both the outside and the inside. If you've left the house, chances are you've brought along your house keys. The jagged teeth of these keys can be used as a small impromptu saw for cutting the small notches required for primitive traps and various other tools. If you're struggling to find fire-starting materials, take a look at your socks. Cotton and wool, which are commonly used for socks, are flammable natural materials. Pluck off any loose strands and fibers from your cotton or wool socks to create a neat little flammable tinder pile. With a few sparks, the sock fibers will combust into flames. Mosquitoes and other...