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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs Form 5495

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Survey

Greetings fellow share pointers this is Tom Robbins with aspe and welcome to my video blog post for this week it's a follow up on surveys we'll talk about how to create and use surveys in SharePoint 2022 okay so I've opened up my my SharePoint my SharePoint site here and just cover first what we're going to do with the survey this is just going to be a sample survey to determine SharePoint experience in your company maybe a survey you'd send out if you're in the process of deploying SharePoint these are the questions we'll ask so do you have any experience with SharePoint if you say no we're going to jump straight to question 4 because 2 & 3 will won't be applicable what versions have you used we're going to let that be some multiple choice what are your favorite features of SharePoint we'll use a rating scale for that and then would you like to be kept up to date on our SharePoint installation we'll make that a yes or no well with yes being the default so we can you know so we can spam you and then what is your email address a couple settings we'll use we use anonymous which means users can complete the survey without knowing who you are and then will allow users to complete the survey more than once ok so here we are my SharePoint site make sure you're in the right site and then you're just going to add an app the survey is just a special kind of list so we'll just type in survey and search for survey and then select survey and I'll call this my experience survey and we click on Advanced Options if we won't this is where we can go ahead and we can go ahead and determine if the results are anonymous so show user names and results know and allow multiple responses yes so we've addressed both of those configuration settings and soon as we click Next SharePoint immediately takes me in and lets me start creating the questions so the first question was do you have any experience let's SharePoint and excuse me we'll make that a choice field so yes or no and we're going to require that response and we'll just make this a radio button or sorry a drop-down menu and instead of instead of save we'll just go to the next question what versions of SharePoint do you have experience with and better make sure to spell SharePoint correctly and we'll make that a choice field as well and we're going to require this one too so let's go back as far as moss 2022 SharePoint Server 2022 and SharePoint Server 2022 and we'll let this one be checkboxes because you may have experience with previous versions of SharePoint all three versions of SharePoint so you let this be a checkbox next question was the was the rating scale so please rate the following SharePoint features so let's do a rating scale on this one and of course we'll make this one required - and then we'll just list all of the different features or a few features so lists libraries surveys discussion boards business intelligence just just a few so you can see how this works and then we can set the range range of one to ten or one to five or whatever I think five is enough and then we'll say at the bottom in the scale don't like it's okay and love it that'll be our scale and then we'll do an n/a if you want people to be able to say that they don't have any it's not applicable for each of those items next question would you like to be kept up to date on the progress of our SharePoint installation something like that we'll make this one a yes/no and we'll make it a yes by default okay that way if you don't change anything we'll be able to send you emails and then finally please provide your email address and make that a single line of text we won't make the email address required and then I'll just click finish so now where we normally would see the columns for a list we see each of the individual questions and the only thing left to do before we test it out is go back and put in some branching logic for this first question so if you have no experience with SharePoint we're just going to jump straight to this question asking you whether you'd like to be kept up to date to the Parana progress so to do branching logic we simply click on the question we want to give branching logic to and now that the questions been created there will be options for branching logic so if you say no - do you have any experience with sharepoint we're going to jump straight to would you like to be kept up to date on the progress okay so that's how simple it is to create the questions we used a couple of different options choice fields rating scale a yes/no single line of text and now just click on the experience survey and we can go ahead and respond to this survey so because the first question has to be answered before any other questions can be can be shown we'll go ahead and answer the first question you have an experience with SharePoint yes I do click on next and so now we can choose the options of SharePoint though the versions of SharePoint we have experience with notice now in the rating scale we have the different SharePoint features listed from don't like to love it of course I love them all and yes I'd be like like to be kept up to date and I'm tomat master SharePoint com click finish that's how easy it is to create.

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