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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Representative

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Representative

Recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the Minority Leader Thank You mr. speaker at this time I would yield such time as he may consume to my friend from our state king thank mr. speaker thank the gentleman from Texas for yielding to me here this afternoon and I come to the floor here at the United States House of Representatives with a specific purpose today and that's to address an issue that's become a controversy I regret that I made a freshman mistake a week ago today when I took a call from a reporter from the New York Times and that was a 56 minute interview without a tape that resulted in a long article and that article were snippets of the 56 minute interview part of that inquiry was about the history of immigration policy in this country for over the last say 18 or so years which I have been a significant part especially in Iowa as we have a voice to shape policy and help these presidential candidates move on to the Oval Office I'm grateful that much of the policy that was debated then is in the oval office today and it's being debated all over this country but one phrase in that long article has created an unnecessary controversy that was my mistake mr. speaker and so I want to start this out with some context of that discussion and that is this that if you can control the language you can control the policy labels have been hurled in this country at people like we have never seen in this history of America I made a point on this and a September 12th tweet that I set out as a component of this broader dialogue and here is the tweet of verbatim mr. speaker the word Nazi is injected into leftist talking points because the worn out and exhausted word racist is overused and applied to nearly everyone that's the foundation for that discussion with at least part of that discussion with the New York Times reporter mr. speaker and in that also was discussion of other term that had been used almost always unjustly labeling otherwise innocent people the word racist the word not see the word fascists the phrase white nationalists the phrase white supremacist they even are derogatory towards Western civilization which is the foundation for the American civilization and we're today the flagship so at this point I'll read the quote that have brought about this controversy mr. speaker and this is from the New York Times article titled before Trump Steve King set the agenda for the wall and anti-immigrant politics which by the way is a bit majority because I've never been anti-immigrant I have been anti-illegal immigrant and I remain that way but here's the quote it says quote white nationalist white supremacist and this is from me by the way new speaker white nationalist white supremacist Western civilization how did that language become offensive mr. King said why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization that's off of this article and that's the substance of this this heartburn that seems to be churning across the media in America today and so I look at that and I think well what was that conversation it was about how those words got plugged into our dialogue not when the words became a fancy vest which is what the technical interpretation this is how did that language become offensive it's how did that offensive language get injected into our political dialogue who does that how does it get done how do they get by with laying labels like this on people and when I ask the question why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization that response was strictly for why did I sit in Western civilization classes to hear about the merits of our history I've never sat in a class at any time and heard any merits about any of those other names including I've never heard a merit about racist I never heard of merit about Nazi or fascist or white nationalist or white supremacist but Western civilization has merit and I remain a defender so I put together a statement which is public and I'm choose to read it into their record now mr. speaker and it's this that quote today the New York Times is suggesting that I am an advocate for white nationalism and white supremacy I want to make one thing abundantly clear I reject those labels and the evil ideology that they define further I condemn anyone that supports this evil and bigoted ideology which saw in its ultimate expression that the systematic murder of six million innocent Jewish lives it's true that like the founding fathers I am an advocate for Western civilization's values and that i profoundly believe that America is the greatest tangible expression of these ideals the world has ever seen under any fair political definition I am simply an American nationalist America's values are expressed in our founding documents they are at a they are attainable by everyone and we take pride that people of all races religions and creeds from around the globe aspire to achieve them I am dedicated to keep you in America this way this conviction does not make me a white nationalist or a white supremacist so once again I reject those labels in the ideology they define and I told it as I told the New York Times it's not about race it's never been about race one of my most strongly held beliefs is that we are all created in God's image and the human and that human life is sacred in all of its forms and all of my life's work all of my public record all of my bills all of my votes all.

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