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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Priorities

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Priorities

You can't make me want what I don't want you can't dangle something in front of my face this I don't want that and many of you are taking anything and you don't know what you want and so if I can do one thing for you when you leave this room I don't want nothing from you but for you to leave this room and know what you want what do you want in your marriage what do you want with your son and your daughter what do you want in your health what do you want financially like how much money do you want to make a year what do you want to try how do you want to live stop just waking up like an accident what do you want and then once you find out what you want spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it the reason why I speak with so much passion ET why do you speak with so so much authority because I'm talking about my life not something that I read I ate out of trash cans I had no business eating out of trash cans I lived in abandoned buildings I had no business living in abandoned buildings but ET your daddy was in your life your mom was a teenage mother you grew up come on eat look at your shirt that's not an excuse there is no excuse for not living up to the fullest potential no excuse I told you I didn't get a new daddy I didn't get a new mama what changed I changed and I stopped being a victim I stopped saying I've got to wait for good things to happen to me and I said I'm gonna grind...