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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Payments

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Payments

Hello hi today I want to challenge you I want to challenge you to answer a question the good news for you is that this question is actually simple the words in the question are actually simple the bad news is for thousands of years people have been trying to answer this very same question for themselves people have dedicated their lives to this question they fought for this question and sometimes they've given their lives in defense of this question and the question is this what does freedom mean to you and I'm not talking about like a dictionary definition of freedom right I'm not talking about an academic or even an intellectual discussion about what freedom is I'm talking about what does it mean to you what does it mean in your own life and I know firsthand that this very question has the potential to change your life because it's the exact question that Mike wife Courtney and I asked ourselves three years ago it was a little bit of awkward timing for us to be talking about freedom it was the night we brought my daughter milligan home from the hospital as new parents we struggled for 3045 whatever minutes it was to try to get her to go to sleep in her new crib and after that we wandered like zombies out to the kitchen table and as we sat down I turned to her and said you know honey I need to talk to you about something which I've learned after five years of marriage that's the most terrible way you can possibly start a conversation I said I want to talk to you about freedom and you get you can imagine what her expression was and what her response was I can't repeat...