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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Opinions

A lot of people don't spend two weeks consuming my stuff so they see a headline or two and like you all hustle this or hustle that I always talk about sleeping a lot I also always talk about like if you love it you know look look anybody's here like definitely anybody listening or watching if you really love it like for real not like you're kind of saying it because you're trying to get through your life if you really love it it truly isn't feel like work like school felt like work and that was only like 9:00 to 3:00 with tons of breaks in between and that was devastating you know my audio book reading it I'm only halfway through that's work you look like hell I was watching the video today right it's not easy for me man like I don't like it and so like I know what work I know what not liking it feels like and what work feels like you know being an entrepreneur for me running businesses putting out content doing my thing does not feel like work I mean look I talk a lot about hard work there's not a whole lot of content coming for me on the weekends there you know I take four or five six seven weeks of vacation a year like what I'm doing is I'm maximizing my 15 hours a day those during the week but I yeah my only crypt eye is the health of my family from the day I left school in May of 1998 to this moment I've always been an operating partner of a business every day every day I think that gets bitten by yeah I'm iboga no look I think people people should and that's life people get caught up in sizzle over steak every day of the week but I like that because I think I'm kind of playing into that a little bit I think I'm forcing that narrative because I'm a fan of the reveal like AHA I told you like I like being underestimated I prefer it I am more comfortable in it and so you know yeah I mean I don't li also don't care like the truth is gonna speak like you're not gonna build a billion dollar by accident business like either you're good enough you're not and so I know how this plays out other than the health and well-being of myself and my family there's no shot I don't achieve enormous business success in my life I'm too good at it it's interesting though I mean because you say that that you don't care I know you don't and that reptile part of your brain yeah very much admire yes but then I've awesome not ready to those mcdeere system is and seeing you interact with people do it all the time that's something like 80% of your tweets and replies yep which is staggering I I have empathy for people that don't see it my way and I want to show them I'm so thankful that somebody consumes my content that even if they say I'm a charlatan and a snake oil salesman I want to show the respect of them engaging in my content to reply and have the conversation because I'm intrigued by the insight of what they're saying I'm in tune with how I'm perceived by engaging with people that started off by thinking I was and I also am empathetic I'm a pretty funny character in a snippet two weeks full consumption you got to read you know 28 seconds in a stream in the right moment I'm not super fun for a lot of people plus I'm also a suffocating I will suffocate the reason I think I'm helping people is I'm suffocating like like no this is not the president's fault no this is not your bosses fault like this is your insecure and like your insecure probably cuz your mom's a piece of so we need to talk about that that's not conversation that people are excited about like hey guess great news your boss isn't a dick your mom's up let's talk about it hey not as interesting it's much more fun to save my boss as a dick but that's not what's happening so let's have that conversation I'm willing to go there because I think I'll win in the end I think I'm bringing value and I take people's attention very seriously and I will never take it for granted and it manifested in me being a kind guy it also manifests as in me engaging with things that hurt my feelings I'm super pumped that my fourth-grade friends and my sixth-grade teachers and people are coming out of the Woodworks I am not that thoughtful about it I'm crippling down on Who I am I was super charismatic and nice as to everybody long before I ever thought that anybody would even know who I was because that's my DNA and how I was raised so you know it's funny I didn't grab you that way like I get it and and it runs through my mind yeah I'm very aware that there's eyes on me and now it's gotten completely batshit crazy like it's super weird but the best part is bro it's exhausting playing a character I would I have the most energy but I would never be able to win that game because I would have a vulnerability well it comes out it's you will never win all this does is exposes who you actually are and so my just like people much like them plus I like I like I like looking because I like to learn from it like I don't know it's just it's it's a good place for me the world becoming more people centric and at scale that became a really good thing for me man.

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