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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Opinions

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Opinions

A lot of people don't spend two weeks consuming my stuff, so they see a headline or two and like, you all hustle this or hustle that. I always talk about sleeping a lot. I also always talk about if you love it, you know, look, look, anybody's here. Definitely anybody listening or watching, if you really love it, like for real, not like you're kind of saying it because you're trying to get through your life, if you really love it, it truly doesn't feel like work. Like school felt like work, and that was only like 9:00 to 3:00 with tons of breaks in between, and that was devastating. You know, my audio book reading, I'm only halfway through, that's work. You look like hell. I was watching the video today, right? It's not easy for me, man. Like, I don't like it. And so, like, I know what work, I know what not liking it feels like, and what work feels like. You know, being an entrepreneur for me, running businesses, putting out content, doing my thing, does not feel like work. I mean, look, I talk a lot about hard work, there's not a whole lot of content coming from me on the weekends. You know, I take four or five, six, seven weeks of vacation a year. Like, what I'm doing is I'm maximizing my 15 hours a day during the week. But yeah, my only crypt... eye is the health of my family. From the day I left school in May of 1998 to this moment, I've always been an operating partner of a business every day. Every day I think that gets bitten by... Yeah, I'm iboga, no. Look, I think people should, and that's life. People get caught up in sizzle over...