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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Fraudulent

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Fraudulent

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com so this is not the usual video for me but it's one that I feel like I had to make yeah I actually made one similar to this before and I kind of vowed at that time at least to myself that I'd never have to go down this road again cuz I'm not in the business of reviewing other people's supplements however when one of my subscribers asked me to review something that turns out to be so egregiously bad that it pisses me off that man I feel like I have to stand up and say something and in this case I really have to discuss this and I don't care if these people wind up being exposed or whatever that's not what that's not my duty to protect them because this is all basically my opinion about what I think is going drastically wrong here so as I said one of my followers on Instagram we actually check my Instagram so if you're not following me over there you should it's a deathly annex and we post a lot of unique stuff over there but you direct message me with this product here which is called get ready for it d ball DB al okay but they're claiming this to be a Dianabol alternative okay so scumbag move number one okay but meanwhile a nice price tag is seventy nine ninety five and you get a month serving of this what's comical is when I start to review this all I want to do is just I just want to go through the label with you guys because it's going to be so comical but at the same time so shocking and so this should really make you sick to your stomach that you can see the reason why I felt like I had to make this video if there's one thing that I think is criminal when it comes to supplements in the supplement industry its knowingly putting dangerous supplements out on the market and hoping to only find out after it's too late meaning you've already made enough money on this that you're long gone you don't really care what's going on with the health and well-being of the people actually believed in your stuff the second thing is just a little bit lower than that one little notch lower than that is putting out stuff that you know does absolutely nothing and whoever made the supplement unless they're a complete idiot knows that this does absolutely nothing and they charge $80 for so let me take a look at this so when we look at the label itself we start off we see this is it's a three capsule serving for 30 servings in a bottle see if a one-month supply but this is literally where it gets it becomes a joke so there's 12 calories per capsule which gets you thinking what are they putting in capsules that absolutely have calories associated with them and you scroll down here there's really nothing of substance until you get down there's 2 grams of protein ok so here are your active ingredients it starts off with whey protein concentrate 450 milligrams now you understand that 450 milligrams is only 0.45 grams so you're talking about less than 1/2 of a gram of protein not to mention whey protein concentrate which isn't as high-quality as let's say an isolate protein or Hydra solid protein so but I mean it doesn't matter you could have the highest quality protein in the world less than a half a gram is doing absolutely nothing then it has branched chain amino acids in here isoleucine valine and leucine the interesting thing here is the least quantity of all those three comes in the form of leucine at 75 milligrams we know from research that if you want to have an effective dose of leucine you need to have at least 4 to 5 grams of leucine alone whether that be in a single dose or split those pre and post-workout the fact of the matter is 75 milligrams once again is literally nothing you can probably walk by a gym inhale and have more anabolic benefits than taking this product ok that's the problem number 2 there's 300 milligrams of valine and 300 milligrams of isoleucine again research shows that the ratio that you want to take is in favor of leucine - those - you should be taking in at least a 2 to 1 to 1 ratio with leucine being in the highest content with the others following after that but again it doesn't matter because all these amounts are so sub effective in terms of how much they're putting in here that it actually becomes a joke and finally this must be like their big ingredient is trib tribulus terrestris at 75 milligrams not only has this never been shown in studies to be effective in terms of boosting testosterone it might have some you know enhancing effects but not in these dosages here and what's even more bothersome again to me as someone who actually is involved in supplementation they don't even tell you what part of this they're actually using right they don't even tell you what they're using in stem are they using the flower what are they doing here that the fruit what are they using it to get to get their to their trip because it makes a dramatic difference in the overall impact of this so overall when you look at this entire supplement formula there is absolutely nothing what boils my blood again is that people think well look there there's no proprietary blends here everything is listed out so if that means they're not hiding anything these guys should be hiding something they should be they should be hiding their entire company so far that nobody could ever find it because I'm.

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