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Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Estates

Music it was the pail that revolutionized the way we live with pain is dependent on as I am on my glasses to see so out here it was a revolution driven by a marketing campaign that targeted our doctors people who are hurting or desperate because of the lack of anything else to offer them we now spend more than ten billion dollars a year on treatment with narcotic pain pills I went from spending probably four of seven days in bed to being a mom again and we're spending hundreds of millions more on the addictions mr. pain pills cause the 50 huge pad has been led over the bag and I don't think it's going to be put back in Music good evening I'm Linden MacIntyre it's our hidden epidemic pain we're told that maybe six million Canadians suffer from it more than 50 million Americans all the time it costs us billions in lost productivity all the pills we take to deaden it and now the incalculable costs of a drug addiction epidemic tonight the story of a marketing campaign that helped transform the way we think of pain and the miraculous pain pill that turned out to be a medical time bomb once a fact of life pain has become another problem to be solved by pills simple pills for simple ailments but for heavy-duty pain a heavy-duty drug derived from opium one the doctors call an opioid Music is the most dramatically successful of the so-called opioids company that developed at his Purdue Pharma Inc buy ingenious marketing purdue companies in canada and the u.s. succeeded in turning this one pain pill into a multi-billion dollar business at that time there were no pain clinics around pain specialist clinics like we have now in...