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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Estates

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Estates

Music it was the pail that revolutionized the way we live with pain is dependent on as I am on my glasses to see so out here it was a revolution driven by a marketing campaign that targeted our doctors people who are hurting or desperate because of the lack of anything else to offer them we now spend more than ten billion dollars a year on treatment with narcotic pain pills I went from spending probably four of seven days in bed to being a mom again and we're spending hundreds of millions more on the addictions mr. pain pills cause the 50 huge pad has been led over the bag and I don't think it's going to be put back in Music good evening I'm Linden MacIntyre it's our hidden epidemic pain we're told that maybe six million Canadians suffer from it more than 50 million Americans all the time it costs us billions in lost productivity all the pills we take to deaden it and now the incalculable costs of a drug addiction epidemic tonight the story of a marketing campaign that helped transform the way we think of pain and the miraculous pain pill that turned out to be a medical time bomb once a fact of life pain has become another problem to be solved by pills simple pills for simple ailments but for heavy-duty pain a heavy-duty drug derived from opium one the doctors call an opioid Music is the most dramatically successful of the so-called opioids company that developed at his Purdue Pharma Inc buy ingenious marketing purdue companies in canada and the u.s. succeeded in turning this one pain pill into a multi-billion dollar business at that time there were no pain clinics around pain specialist clinics like we have now in 1997 Tammy d'agneau had never heard of it was only introduced in 1996 she was an insurance broker a happily married mom living near Hamilton Ontario she had chronic back pain she'd been on a narcotic pill called a doctor suggested something new a narcotic that released its payload slowly it was a safe narcotic there was little chance she'd get addicted to it and he says we have a new drug that's on the market called it's not as addicting as because of the slow release so when you're in pain it alleviate that pain but it's not as addicting as Vancouver 1997 produced showcased its new drug here at a conference on chronic pain in Canada and the US the drug manufacturers were recruiting health professionals many of them doctors who were paid to spread the good news about to other doctors and now I just have a little point to toothpick and I'm just gonna prick in you tell me if what it feels like so out here what do you feel thicker dr. Roman Jovi would become one of their most successful advocates filling a vacuum as he sees it in the lives of people suffering with chronic pain when you look back 15 years ago nobody was talking about pain certainly the university's failed in their obligation to to educate health professionals appropriately nobody was talking about pain and so companies like produced stepped in and at least we're raising awareness were their motives totally altruistic probably not they had a simple message was a safe narcotic they would make that claim a mantra in ads like this in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association in lectures workshops and seminars disa surance the one to start and stay with was convincing could become a friend for life a vital ally in a war on pain for dr. Jovi it was the beginning of a new age in pain treatment a new frontier in which he'd become a pioneer okay so I'll just leave things as they were all refilled things how far is the perception that that was driven by pharmaceutical industry now I would I would disagree with that I don't think that's pharmaceutically driven I think that that's an awareness issue whether the people are aware that pain can be treated and and it should be treated dr. Jovi readily admits that he has been paid to speak by many drug companies over the years but purview and it's new pain medication had special significance for him we e- based on surveys the Canadian Pain Society has done there probably about six million Canadians suffering from moderate to severe pain daily or most days of the week well you say okay how's that compared to other things that's a lot that's probably comparable to those with heart disease and cancer and perhaps exceeding those Music in 2022 dr. Jovi edited this handbook it would become the Bible for doctors treating patients for their pain it became part of the curriculum of a major med school it was paid for by Purdue Pharma the manufacturers of Purdue retained the copyright the manual has 17 chapters on pain treatment including 8 by dr. Jovi 2 on acute pain and its treatment were contributed by the CBC's medical commentator dr. Brian Goldman dr. Goldman has also on occasion been paid by Purdue for talks on opioids and pain he says he's recently modified his views especially on but to skeptics dr. Jovi's manual was little more than advertising for the drug plenty a month description dr. Phillip Berger a pain specialist at st. Michael's Hospital in Toronto how aggressive are they in the american thing after you can't get much better than getting in the classroom medical students can't do much better you know they can hide under the Moral cover of objective teaching when in fact the only mode of any of the drug companies has I'm not saying it's bad is to make money and you can we make money by selling more drugs dr. Henry chipowski of London.

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