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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Careers

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Careers

Hey this is Jeff Oh Georgia fire-rescue spine Jason here Oh we'll talk to you a little bit about what seems to be a hot topic in a lot of fire houses across the land right now Jason you still out there fighting fires on a regular basis wants to talk about cancer prevention and problems in the fire stations oil cancers running rampant in our fire service members and so it is a very much on the forefront of everybody's mind and a lot of things that we're trying to do in the station is trying to keep our exposure down to the carcinogens that may be present dies or dinner firefighting activities some of those methods are that we're doing currently is make sure your gears clean make sure that we have a second set of gear and staying really on top of that and living in the mouse exposure that we're having you know if you're looking at head to toe type of gear a lot of talk is that a lot of our areas of protection we're covered with the moisture barrier of our coats and pants but in the areas of hoods for example there's no moisture barrier there so that's something that's been a little bit more of a concern in the in the whole industry so you know there's programs of work people are swapping out their hoods washington hoods more often swapping them out on the scenes to get the goods that exposure off your area this more likely to have a quick route into the body of these carcinogens but then also just staying diligent on making sure your gears clean and you know that having two sets of gear so you can go to a fire come back and decontaminate your gear getting the new system and then go respond out to the same well you know when we were younger firefighters it I hear people talking about decon and decon when we were younger is all we would think but was as Maxine's and now we're hearing a lot of discussions about gross decontamination on the structure fire scenes which is not what we used to do when we you know younger firefighters and now as the discussions have come out on understanding it better so you know fire things we've often been just covered in the suit and it had it all over us and you know we know we had it all over us but until we got back to the fire station and started getting in the shower we really didn't realize how much stuff we had on us and we even in overhaul with work through these multi our filings with what we see now is a bad problem that we never watched off and cleaned until we got back to the fire station and you know now I hear people having products that you're developing and putting out there to help clean the fire fire 40 ever leave the scene you know where you've been wearing the hoods and we're getting all this contamination that we can take like a washcloth and when get back to fire station you see all that suspended on there and but now we've got products that's available for firefighters to use actually on the scene to do cleaning before they ever leave the scene and that's kind of like the decon that we were accustomed to us has met responders over the years now you know we're just starting to sell a product called rescue bikes and that's a product that's available to do that kind of thing is to help clean up while your own and the video the thing is that when you take a look at these that you know you're looking at something that's you know 477 point 18 inches by like 11.8 inches and it's designed to be able to clean up on the scene with you know where you've got all these contaminants from around your face and actually all over your body as much as you can clean but the first thing I thought about what I saw one of these was what's the difference in something like like this and just a baby wipe or something like that and I know you've looked into that a little bit is too you know can we just go and get let go to some big box store get some baby wipes or something like that Nick be just as good what's your thoughts on that ideally you want something us basically like soap and water you know something that's a factor and that can lift a move and take the debris away that can carcinogens but you don't want as your pores are already open because you're hot you're sweaty the route of entry is the open pores and you don't know something that's going to make it to the point where it either makes it more transportable into the floors such as like alcohol which will dilate you foresee morsa or something that will cook over your pores so you don't want something that's got alcohol in you don't want something has some type of Lucian phase substance in it and that's the area where you know if someone is trying to use something like a baby wipe or a hand sanitizer those do have some adverse effects that even the temp is attempt is to try to remove carcinogens that may be something that's actually helping aid that either one make a route into the body or to seal it against the body you know one of the things is though is a white paper out from the firefighters Cancer Support Network and CDC's got some reports out one of the things that I find it interesting and if you're an aggressive firefighter never been involved in active fire so you know what wet like everything well statistics shows.

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