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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Accounting

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Accounting

Hi everyone, it's Susan Winter from Sue's Moo Internet. Thanks for coming to my channel and a big and hearty hello to my YouTube subscribers and this wonderful YouTube family of people that collect here on this channel and write such wonderful commentary and great shares. So I'm continuing with question and answer and this is about when you discover that your partner has secret social media accounts. Now, I've touched on this before, but this is a big deal and it's ongoing. It has quite frankly undermined the marriage of a very good friend of mine. So I'm going to read this. This is from Oscar. So here we go. Oscar writes, "Good day Susan. I'm 40 now and I'm having issues with my relationship. I've come to find out that the woman I've been with for eight years, we've been living together, she's been having some secret accounts on Facebook to chat with men and even my small brother. Now everything is a mess. She tells me that she wants to move out. I told her fine, but she's still in the house. I want to move on with my life." Okay, so Oscar and everybody else, this is what we call micro cheating. It is done on social media and it is done in a way so that the people that you are talking to either don't know that you're married, don't know that you're living with somebody, don't know that you're a part of a couple. They certainly don't know you're committed. You may have seen accounts like this where people are taking photos of themselves for Instagram, they're hiding most of their face, looking for attention, seeking sexual intrigue. Facebook accounts with a different name, sometimes the face is blurred, sometimes it isn't. There are...