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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 5495 Accounting

Instructions and Help about Can Form 5495 Accounting

Hi everyone its Susan winter from Sue's Moo Internet thanks for coming to my channel and a big and hearty hello to my YouTube subscribers and this wonderful YouTube family of people that collect here on this channel and write such wonderful commentary and great great shares so I'm continuing with question and answer and this is about when you discover that your partner has secret social media accounts now I've touched on this before but this is a big deal and it's ongoing and it has quite frankly undermined the marriage of a very good friend of mine so I'm going to read this this is from Oscar so here we go Oscar writes good day Susan I'm a 40 now and I'm having issues with my relationship I've come to find out that the woman I've been with eight years we've been living together she's been having some secret accounts on Facebook for her to chat with men and even my small brother so now everything is a mess she tells me that she wants to move out I told her fine but she's still in the house I want to move on with my life okay so Oscar and everybody else this is what we call micro cheating it is done on social media and it is done in a way so that the people that you are talking to either don't know that you're married don't know that you're living with somebody don't know that you're a part of a couple they certainly don't know you're committed you may have seen accounts like this where people are taking photos of themselves for Instagram they're hiding most of their face looking for I don't know whether they're there attention seeking they're looking for sexual intrigue Facebook accounts with a different name sometimes the face is blurred sometimes it isn't there are a number of issues that have been coming up not only in my practice but in everybody else's practice today because of the proliferation of the many things we can do with social media one is find out you know that so-and-so had a baby and the other thing is discover that our partner has multiple accounts multiple names and multiple interactions so Oscar of course this is deception and it is betrayal now people often ask but it's not physical cheating true it's not physical cheating but you are right at the edge because all it takes is one comment in messenger or private message on whatever device you're using to say hey you know you sound really interesting I'm gonna I'm gonna be in this area too want to join me all it takes are some interchanges and it goes from this kind of a hidden little flirtation to reality very quickly so Oscar what can you do as long as we're in this situation she's not leaving your house first of all who's paying the rent are you both paying the rent then you got to work it out whose house who's got the lease who's got the mortgage that person is the one that has to figure things out and then give the other a time line now I want you to ask this person why she did it she's still there you might as well discover what did she want to accomplish how many accounts does she have what did she say why did she do it because when you find out the need for your partner to have done this after eight years there's something she's not getting in the relationship but do you know how many times that vital information you need has been excluded because your partner just bothered didn't bother to tell you they thought you should know that but they didn't tell you you never compliment me on my clothes you never tell me I look pretty you never tell me that you appreciate what I do around the house so of course they're gonna go look for this admiration someplace else what if it is I mean I'm not applauding this behavior nor am i endorsing it but what if your partner breaks down and says all I wanted was for somebody to notice me feel like I don't know maybe it's your work schedule my work schedule we never make love I don't think you're attracted to me anymore you never want to see me we never have you know couples dates we need to do stuff like this I feel like all you do is watch television go to work you don't talk to me and I was lonely now you may not hear that conversation but if you hear something like that and it resonates as being real heartfelt and real you have the opportunity to at least try to solve this issue true there's been a betrayal okay but this means that your partner did not know how to express the needs that they have they didn't tell you so now they're fun now that this is revealed they've got to come clean you actually have something to work with it was loneliness it was lack of appreciation it was thinking you weren't attracted to them but if it's not that conversation and it's just I wanted to do it I have a right to it's uh I got in shape and so I want people to see it I can talk to people in my private life it doesn't affect our individual life here or life as a couple no no of course it does because it's misrepresentation so Oscar you can give this lady a time frame that she has to move out you can if you like actually back up her stuff were if you're really feeling generous II but you need to get her out right away put down the first and last month's rent on an apartment put her name on the lease and just.

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