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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Topic

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Topic

Hello and a big welcome from British life skills you're about to watch a short explained the video for graded examinations in spoken English GES e great bang b1 aims of this video what is the GE se grade 5 exam how long is the exam what can you expect in the exam areas you'll be assessed tested on notice the GES e grade 5 exam the exam is a speech in exam only and you'll have to do some writing before the exam you'll need to bring your ID with you to the exam how long is the exam the exam is 10 minutes what can you expect in the exam and the day of the exam you'll have two conversations with the examiner the first conversation this conversation would be about a topic you have prepared before the exam the second conversation will be about any to the topics below festivals means of transport special occasions for example birthday celebrations entertainment for example cinema television clubs music or recent personal experiences how to prepare for these first conversation preparing food your topic how to prepare for your topic you decide which topic you want to talk about it's best to choose something that you're interested in don't forget you cannot choose any topic that is the same as the subjects in the conversation phase for example it is best to choose a topic that allows you to use the language of grade five for example if you chose my family as a tactic the language you use may be too low a level use this topic document to make notes of all the ideas you want scoffs with the examiner that will topic the topic document can be downloaded and printed out an example of how to fill out your topic document in this example the topic title is my last holiday where did I go I went to France man did I go in October of last year how did I travel I traveled in the Euro store how many did I go for I went for a week but there's a weather like the weather in France was called for my total turkic i've been able to cover the when de where the hell are the what don't forget that those who filled out your topic document you need to take it with you on the day of your exam and also don't forget to axe the examiner a question about your topic the second conversation in the second conversation the examiner chooses two subjects from the list below festivals means of transport entertainment recent personal experiences special occasions and music how to prepare for a second conversation let's assume the examiner has chosen entertainment entertainment could be a film watching sports theatre or concert this could be further broken down if we take film a film could be a healthy an action film if we take watching sports we could break that down to what you hopeful or daschund if we take a concert it could be a country concert or a rap concert if we look at the theater it could be musical theater or a piece of drama don't forget to actual examiner a question about the topic.

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