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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Survey

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Survey

Getting enough respondents for your surveys can sometimes be quite challenging you need to get your questions in front of the right audience and get them to respond to them in this video we're gonna take a look at Google surveys which can help you to do just that a lot more coming up right after this Music hi there and welcome to another video of measure school comm where we teach you the data-driven way of digital marketing my name is Julien and on this channel we do tutorials how-to videos and take a look at the latest marketing tech just like this one so if you haven't yet consider subscribing now we oftentimes use surveys and measure school to understand our audience better the qualitative data adds a great context to how we build this channel and release new videos sometimes though you don't want to survey your existing customers directly but a more general audience to do market research on how well you could set up a survey and run AdWords ads on them so you get enough responses but it's quite complicated and also time-consuming so now Google has a new tool out there called Google surveys it helps you to get consumer insights test not free but certainly worth checking out we got lots of cover so let's live in price today our journey starts here at google.com slash analytics slash surveys this is the home of Google service because it's actually part of the Google Analytics 360 suite but now it's also available to us so we can start surveys with the help of Google service all you need to do is sign in with your Google account and you will be greeted with a overview of the currently running surveys but before we dive into the actual consumer inside surveys the Google service is known for you can also run a survey on your own website for that you can go over to sites right here and add a new site all you need to do is then enter your website name you get your Google surveys snippet that you can install onto your website there's also a handy tag template within Google tag manager so all you need to do is was the google surveys website satisfaction template here and it will be installed onto your website with the right trigger of all pages you can install this within minutes what this will enable you is to get a free website satisfaction survey this is the survey right here with these questions you can also then use your website visitors as a target group in the survey builder that we will discover in a minute now just about this free satisfaction survey once you install this all you can configure your settings here how often it should be shown or if the user doesn't want to answer when should it be shown again and once you have installed it let's reload us here you should get this little pop-up where you can answer these four questions and these are quite vital and standard questions for website surveys qualitative data that lets you discover why your user is currently on the website and if he reached his goal that he set out to achieve on your website today so pretty standard questions you can then always go back once you activate this and it's running on your website and see the results right here in your website satisfaction survey now the results take a little bit to populate but all in all a great free service by Google surveys now this is only free up to 500 responses per month after that it will reset again so if your site isn't that big you can definitely get some insights here about your website as well but let's get into the meat of Google surveys these are actual consumer insight surveys with which you can reach target groups that you don't have access to so let's try this out when we click on new survey here we are going straight into the audiences that we can target our survey to our website is now in here as well because we configure them and we can go ahead and look at these demographic data that lets us our preferred group now on the right side you have already seen this is the pricing that updates when you choose different kind of targeting here so we can have a per age for example as well all right now the general population is pretty open you could also just go on to Android smartphones so here we have the Android options pretty much the same as an in general population but of course already segmented to Android smartphone users and then we have this special audience panels and your audience panels are actually groups of people that opted in to receive surveys and they also gave up some information so we have some groups here that are usually hard to find but the groups are also a bit limited so you only have these six different groups available for your survey to run be aware that the price goes up with such a audience panel now let's go with a general population survey here and just continue and if we go straight into our question builder and unfortunately there are only three formats of questions you can choose there's a single answer multiple answer and the rating scale now the shorter your survey is the less money you pay per response obviously so let's start out by adding a question here and you can enter your answers you can then randomize the answer order if you do that I would recommend to pin this answer to the end at least for the other here and then you could also put in screening questions so if you have multiple questions in here you can connect them and.

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