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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Payments

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Payments

Hey you guys it's the beginning of may which means we have our April favorites ready for you these are the things that we have been lugging in the month of April um for me one of them is sewing related and one of them is sort of just like a helpful little trinket for while you're sewing and Abby's got a sewing related item and then just up on sewing themed items so let's get right into it I would start excuse me oh sorry i will start um so i have been trying to find an easy a foolproof way to attach snaps i made the scene work dress what's it called with the buttons down the front a Adeline I late Emily yeah um and it has buttons all the way down the front and I thought it would be really cute to do pearl snaps down the front also you've probably seen a lot of skirts have snaps these days they're not just for baby onesies anymore but unfortunately I had a really tough time finding the a tool that will set them perfectly without any errors until now um I finally came across and it's the most the inyx most inexpensive the least expensive option that's out there it's by dritz and it's just a little metal washer and then a little dowel and you put one into this snap in the flat end and Hammer it down and then you put the other end of the snap and the like beveled edge and Hammer it down and it worked perfectly every single time you use an actual camera yes use an actual hammer to hammer it down um and I feel like it really it was easy to get this snap exactly where you wanted it and it stayed once you put it there and then the snap actually held after snapping at you see my test my test run of this did not go well at all um I had been trying to use a tool like this the pliers but what I didn't realize is i was using a snap that was too big for this particular set of pliers which is why it wasn't working when i got the right size of snaps for this is what this one is here it worked perfectly so I realized I couldn't use the pliers and that's when I went out and found the other set I will say if you're doing a lot of snaps this tool is really helpful and I can see why people would like it over the hammer method first of all it's quieter oh yeah babies in the hell you wanna be hammering things um but secondly you do have a little bit more control over actually pressing the snap so if you're going to be doing a lot of snaps i would recommend getting the pliers set but if you're just doing a couple here and there for a garment go out and get this i want to say at the joanns that got it out it might have been seven dollars and it included the snaps with it so now it's really affordable and it's a foolproof way to get snaps on to all of your garments would you say it's easier than buttons well yeah in a way I mean it's more than anything it's just a different look that you're going to get um but I have but still sewing all my very first sewing machine and the buttonhole maker isn't always great so for me buttons really make me nervous yeah but i think if i had a nicer machine stay tuned for that oh i know i have a nice machine and i just finished a dress yesterday with buttons all the way down the front and they still every button hole looks like holding my breath like it's it going to be perfect i'm going to get out its yeah I'm I'll always be scared buttonholes yeah I think so do i mean- hints on the fabric I was trying to get the snaps on to a corduroy skirt and that's a see I just lost snap right there just fell right off completely anyway goes so yeah I just depends on the look you're going for and obviously consider the kind of fabric that you're using alright so my first thing here is elastic by the yard I was buying just those little packages of dritz you can buy at joann's and you know it's like three yards for around four bucks and then I was finding I've had these silly amounts left over I like to make a lot of the huts and sweatpants I make them for myself and for my mom elastic short elastic waist skirt so i actually used them a lot and felt like i was spending so much money elastic so i went on amazon and they have it by the yard for so cheap this is quarter inch elastic for 144 yards i believe quarter inches what goes into the soft spring dress which I've made so many of home dollars 144 yards you just can't beat the price and I just follow teases yeah the quality is great I compared the quality is good I really really like this is saved me a lot of money and then I also have the 22 inch width which goes into the Hudson pants so I've used quite a bit of this already I did have one inch which I've already used all of that up I used to make a lot of baby clothes and sell them so you know maybe post use a lot of elastic so if you have little girls at the house I highly recommend it going ahead and getting it on a roll you will say so much money and that waste silly amounts of elastic left over.

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