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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Payer

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Payer

We came out to Frisco Texas to the star the Dallas Cowboys state-of-the-art training facility we got to talk to some top ten rookies and some NFL veteran to find out how they train how they eat and how they take care of their bodies throughout the regular single now I'm gonna go through an NFL training regimen for an entire week I think I pulled my hamstring and I did pull that hamstring but I spent the last month resting it and getting it ready to start this I'm a JDI headquarters in Hollywood California this is where I'm gonna start my training from strength and conditioning mental training nutrition and recovery what does it take to be raw ground cast it takes a lot actually everything is crucial recovering training and right eating sleep everything is crucial we're gonna take jobs through a fitness assessment so when I program if we can program the right exercises and the right preventative exercises and so they tried your best as well what is your diet like I'll go avocados toes vegetables protein try to get a lot of my for your nitrates to the quinoa sweet potato some weeks I'll try be like pescetarian I'm abuse a mean guy so do be too says like they're gonna put me on a nutritional program for the entire week but before I do that to get my gut microbiome test this test is going to let my nutritionist know what kind of food I should be eating to get the best results for my body now it's time to meet my nutritionist Music my name is Mary Schneider and I'm the resident chef here at justu at headquarters after looking at Josh's test results and talking to the trainer it seems like he has a really really good baseline he does intermittent fasting but I still want him to get that little extra more for when he's in his training that footage it's a ketogenic performance veg having something like this under 500 calories will keep it in the fasted State but give him the energy and the mental acuity that he needs so I'm gonna keep him in a minute fasting I'm gonna add a probiotic and a prebiotic then desiccated liver pills from vital proteins it's literally just liver in a pill form and then also incorporating some emotional self-care throughout his journey here she doesn't matter what I'm feeding him if he's not taking care of the emotional aspect of it he won't be functioning this highest potential these are all of the ingredients we'll be making up my meals for the entire world Applause we're almost ready to get going but first let's move Justin sOooo my mental training coach I really want to accentuate particularly with you right here this phone call is to really attach to connect with your why starting off with your life one of the most important things my why is gonna be my nephew Ethan Ethan is 11 years old and is playing football for a second year and I just want to show him how hard work dedication and commitment pays off in the end love you buddy you got to always challenge yourself because you want to get to the next level Music all right here we go day one a little nervous to see what kind of workout he's gonna put me through so the goal with Josh was to make him more efficient efficiency during movement makes him look more athletic we started with the fashion massage next is a warm-up with stretching mobility and band work I have weak hips so even a simple band exercises were really hard for me and challenge me size-wise Josh would be D being in a maybe corner being DB you have to be fast you have to be agile and you have to be reactive day one was focusing on power and explosiveness in his program we did a lot of we actually grow a lot of plyometrics squats bench press just normal things that you would do just doing that repeatedly Music the medicine ball core work was awesome all the twists the wall balls the Slams Music they want time for recovery and coming up with a protocol for Johnny what we're gonna be doing is prior Effie red light charger the electromagnetic pulse or what we call the pimp and we're also gonna be using compression cows Music an NFL schedule is based around routine you know your to assistant as something you put in that work you know day and day out once the time of calm is just like second nature so every day started and finished the exact same way Music when it comes to playing in the NFL perfect repetitions are everything Music I began there we're getting there Music that's only an hour but we just did look like this jump look at me and this is a fraction of what NFL players do in an actual day Music I've made that commitment so they'll push this off the network outside just push us off man deep three I am sore in places I have never been sore before the sprinting drills that we did yesterday in the box jumps my legs are on fire trying to balance work and this training is a bit of a task but you got this Music everything is full speed to the max going as hard as you can Music versus a climber I wanted to give up so badly but I had to remember my why my little nephew EJ and there's no way that I was gonna quit oh really it's all about just remember it the reason that you're working out a reason that you're trying to accomplish in the goals that you're trying to accomplish waking up day four I am tired today it's been hard for me to get.

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