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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Iii

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Iii

Good day and welcome to her unboxing and demonstration of the Dell Latitude 5490 so as you can see we've actually already unboxed it so what we're going to do is explain what was in it which is basically nothing so it's just the standard safety documentation the unit itself and a Dell AC adapter including in my case a European orth American plug so nothing particularly exciting here something of to note is that the old-school bricks power bricks from Dell still function just fine so if you have a hundred of these lying around from your old latitudes they still function the unit does not bark when you try to power it up this one that I've ordered is a little bit different than some and that it has a backlit keyboard and a touchscreen which makes the screen a little bit thicker than what some of you may be familiar with but it's still very very nice I wouldn't have a unit without it these days let's get to the the edges so I've already pulled the back off of this thing so let's just show you how I did that it's a whopping eight screws one two three four five six seven eight and the pry point is right here although I agree difficulty getting it out so what I ended up doing was taking a after i unscrewed this I took a needlenose and I pulled it out and then I was able to pop it out and this was quite difficult to get off this is a standard magnesium I think it's not amazing anyway Dell fact nothing exciting or particularly new here in the unit we have Dell battery batteries easy to change pull of tape off pull the connector off your there I ordered this particular unit with one piece of memory not too because I want to be able to add memory in the future and that gets to a good point by the way these come in a lot of different varieties so we're not going to go into the well there's this option that option this is what I ordered and the idea here is to see what the core the core infrastructure of this thing is and not to get into too far into the weeds about well the i5 versus the i7 or things like that so let's keep going CPU actually the CPU fans CPUs underneath it this is a standard crappie spinning disc which I don't have much love for and I have no intention of keeping what I'd originally purchased was what I originally wanted was to have a caching disc right here Dell tells you that that can't be done I was really sure they were wrong because this is a standard m2 connector it's a B b-plus well it's a B+ M keyed chip is what I was able to put in however this is on the PCI Express bus on the Dell 50 480 the previous model this was on the parallel bus sorry on the no longer parallel on the side of bus and so because they are both on the same bus I was able to use this as a raid use the Intel Rapid Storage Technology to use this as a caching SSD which made an enormous difference that is no longer possible with this unit so and that's because that is on the PCI Express bus which is really a good thing but it's a little frustrating that we can't do the caching disk so there are four screws here one two three four I've already pulled those out and standard SATA connector here I can put in a regular SSD if I wish you know standard SATA SSD I could put in a larger Drive whichever this is an empty slot also on the PCI Express bus and I could and will in fact probably put in this 512 gig stick just to note that if you order with the spinning disk like I did because Dells prices for SSDs are insanely stupid and it does not void void your warranty as far as I know to swap these parts out I've done it for years by this by the standard take it turn it into an external or scrap of whatever you want to do with it buy this separately this one I purchased is a Western Digital block PCI Express very highly rated nvme just great little disc Eveready benchmark did it's smoked and fast the thing that's missing however if you're ordering this is I think it's a 70 cent piece so you pop this in and there's a clip this missing right here so you have to get a hold of your del rep and say hey I want the clip for this I want to buy this crappy spinning disc which I'm then going to throw out or turn into an external but I also want the mounting bracket for this the mounting brackets back I will put up in the video so you'll see it but to get a hold of your del rock okay so I'll pull that out because you don't need it now this is your wireless network card there various ports around the outside here the one that's really interesting however is this one this is a SIM card slot sim card holder and what you use well we'll get to how you pull it out in a second but when we go around the outside but for now just know that's the SIM card holder if you pop a sim in there and you were to buy the WM card you would be able to anybody still be away in card it doesn't have to be doesn't have to be one from Dell that would let you run this on broadband on cellular should say so this could run be connected to the Internet.

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