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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Ethics

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Ethics

So what if I could make for you a designer baby what if you as a parent to be and I as a scientist decided to go down that road together what if we didn't what if we thought you know we thought that's a bad idea that many of our family friends and co-workers did make that decision let's fast forward just 15 years from now let's pretend it's the year 2030 and you're a parent you have your daughter Marion next to you and in 2030 she is what we call unnatural because she has no genetic modifications and because you and your partner consciously made that decision many in your social circle they kind of look down on you they think you're like a Luddite or a technophobe Marion's best friend Jenna who lives right next door is a very different story she was born a genetically modified designer baby with numerous upgrades yeah upgrades and these enhancements were introduced using a new genetic modification technology that goes by the funny name CRISPR you know like something's crisped this is CRISPR the scientist that Jenna's parents hired to do this for several million dollars introduced CRISPR into a whole panel of human embryos and then they used genetic testing and they predicted that that little tiny embryo Jenna's embryo would be the best of the bunch and now jenna is an actual real person she's sitting sitting on the carpet in your living room playing with your daughter Marian and your families have known each other for years now and has become very clear to you the jenna is extraordinary she's incredibly intelligent if you're honest with yourself she's smarter than you and she's five years old she's beautiful tall athletic and the list goes on and on and in fact there's a whole new generation of these GM kids like Jenna and so far it looks like they're healthier than their parents generation than your generation and they have lower health care costs they're immune to a host of health conditions including hiv/aids and genetic diseases it all sounds so grave but you can't help but have this sort of unsettling feeling a gut feeling that there's something just not quite right about Jenna you've had the same feeling about other GM kids that you've met you're also reading in the newspaper earlier this week that a study of these children who were born as designer babies indicates they may have some issues like increased aggressiveness and narcissism but more immediately on your mind is some news that you just got from Jenna's family she's so smart she's now going to be going to a special school a different school than your daughter Marian and this is kind of throwing your family into in a disarray Marion's been crying and last night when you took her to bed to kiss her good night she said daddy well Jenna you can be my friend anymore so now as I've been telling you this imagine 20 30 storia I have a feeling that I might have put some of you into this like sci-fi frame of reference right you think you're reading a sci-fi book or maybe like in Halloween you know mode of thinking but this is really a possible reality for us just 15 years from now I'm a stencil and genetics researcher and I can see this new CRISPR technology and its potential impact and we might find ourselves in that reality and a lot will depend on what we decide to do today and if you're still kind of thinking in sci-fi mode consider that the world of science had a huge shock earlier this year and the public largely doesn't even know about it researchers in China just a few months ago reported the creation of genetically modified human embryos this is the first time in history and they did it using this new CRISPR technology it didn't work perfectly but I still think they sort of cracked the the door ajar on a Pandora's Box here and I think some people are going to run with this technology and try to make designer babies now before I go on some of you may sort of hold up your hands and say stop all wait a minute you know isn't wouldn't that be illegal right you can't just go off and create a designer baby and in fact to some extent you're right in some countries you couldn't do that but in many other countries including my country the US there's actually no law on this so in theory you could do it there was another development this year that resonates in this area and that happened not so far from here over in the UK and the UK traditionally has been the strictest country when it comes to human genetic modification it was illegal there but just a few months ago they carved out an exception to that rule they passed a new law allowing the creation of genetically modified humans with the noble goal of trying to prevent a rare kind of genetic disease but still I think in combination these events are pushing us further towards for an acceptance of human genetic modification so I've been talking about this CRISPR technology what actually is CRISPR so if you think about the GMOs that we're all more familiar with like GMO Tomatoes and wheat and things like that this technology is similar to the technologies that were used to make those but it's dramatically better cheaper and faster so what is it it's actually like a genetic Swiss Army knife we can pretend this is a Swiss Army knife with different tools in it and one of the tools is kind of like a magnifying glass or a GPS for our DNA so it can home in on a certain spot and the next tool is like a scissors that.

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