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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Careers

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Careers

You we work with a variety schools both in the private and public sector right from primary school through to prep secondary schools and also sixth form team building events we find that a lot of the outdoor activity instructors are looking for different things for people to do and we all go and speak to them find out what it is that they will actually want to do their curriculum build into what we do in our program to make it an organ comforting thing for that particular school so it's quite bespoke right there's I teach you everything you need to know okay all your do's and don'ts so the primary school we're fully aware that they've got a still a lot of learning to do so we need to be much more in charge of children of the sort of 62 these seven to eight year olds I want you to put your strongest hand up as high as you can reach we will set climbing lines up in the tree and a zip wire and if we can do it as well a rope swing and we'll get those kids all harnessed up and then we'll start and climbing up into a tree once you push through these first few branches it does open up in there yeah we use just ropes and harnesses all safely secured we're aware that some of these kids have never been on a climbing system before we do have a backup safety system so when they're climbing up we'll have the Rope actually attached to the base of the tree so even if they were to try and slide slide there friction not down the rope to come down it'll grip them so realistically they can't actually come down out of the tree without one of the instructors there to help them nice one you made up at the time as well as all the safety systems will always have sewn up in the tree with them at all times so if anyone needs help all they'll be an instructor that can always get to whichever lines hanging in the tree I was really good and it was really fun and I could happily do it again I was much hard work I thought it was gonna be but it was fun yes and is that got a safe night at the base secondary schools a lot more involved they need to be given a bit more of an adventure here at bryanston we chose the great big tree climbing company because of the reputation that they have is being arborists and kind of interested in the outdoor education learn perspective for young people they come to you which is a great bonus so we don't have any minibus or travel time they can set up any number of systems in whatever trees you've got in your school so whether it's a physical challenge or team challenge or just to share excitement of a rope swing flexible they're great company to use and we think the cost represents great value for money in terms of a company that can come to us and pra high ropes activity on our doorstep we quite often involve the sixth formers so we have 17 18 year olds have been through the system to help assist with the running of the activity and help with the pupils and we try and make sure there's progression and peer mentoring within the activity as well I helped out with instructing the younger pupils when they did tree climbing as an eca so had a bit of experience doing this sort of thing tree climbing is great because it's sort of it's really exciting and fun it's not the sort of normal outdoor education it's a bit extreme so they might feel a bit more adrenaline than they would doing normal sports and it also teaches them a bit of respect for the sort of trees and things like that they're not they're told you know they're not breaking off branches left right center they're very very controlled and obviously it's brilliant fun oh yes I come from an ARB cultural backgrounds I've got some qualifications in tree surgery and it's very important to us to protect the trees that we're using we work with a lot of other schools which have very protected landscapes and it's very important for those head groundsman all these sites we look after the trees that we're using so big ethos for us is that we turn up we do our activity and we keep the environment as we found it when we turned up the great thing about using the great big tree climbing companies that they've got good risk assessments and good operating procedures they just great people to work with they interrupt really well with our people to get the most out of our pupils mark the managing director of the company he has DBS checked his staff but also the staff that come to the school site on a weekly basis the school checks as well which means we can leave their staff with our pupils in the knowledge that they've been checked and everything is safe and good to go it was an incredible view from the top it's just amazing to look out above all the other trees and saw the canopy and the river and the field and you can see from Mars it was absolutely brilliant it was just it was some really amazing experience and as you know massive amounts of adrenaline comin unforgettable just yeah incredible really amazing high five.

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