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Tell me Tommy why are you so sure there's a Santa Claus because my daddy told me so here say hey legal eagles it's time to think like a lawyer and it's time to save Santa Claus today we are covering the Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street now I may be a jaded cynical lawyer but I love a good holiday movie especially one that involves lawyers saving the day because who else is going to save Santa Claus if not for the lawyers if you disagree with me be sure to comment in the form of an objection which are either sustain or overrule and I will pin the best comment that most thinks like a lawyer of course stay until the end when I give Miracle on 34th Street a grade for legal realism and we settle once and for all the question of whether there really is a Santa Claus or not so without further ado let's dig in to the original Miracle on 34th Street Music terrible Santa Claus Oh could be public intoxication big trouble she's a little confused and I thought maybe you could help to straightener I'd be glad to would you please tell her that you're not really Santa Claus but there actually is no such person oh no no no you misunderstand I want you to tell her the truth what's your name's Kris Kringle I'll bet you're in the first grade second I mean your real name that is my real name so there is a philosophical discussion here that this movie sort of skirts which is what does it actually mean to be someone what if your particular subjective belief about your own identity doesn't comport with what everybody else thinks is there such a thing as a...