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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 5495 Assessment

Instructions and Help about Are Form 5495 Assessment

I eat Rory from the YouTube channel counselling resource along with Bob cook from the YouTube ta therapy and today we're talking about assessment now you know what a lot of my learners when they first come into practice they've not met plans before always ask me how do I assess what can I work with what would I struggle with a lot of fear around that sometimes our concern you've had a lot of experience in assessing people so what's the first point we come from as your first point my first point actually besides finding out what they want is to ask what I think is a really really important question to ask and that is have you had any counseling or psychotherapy bit more because once you ask that question you're straight into their mental health background yes so you're straight into them saying things like yes or actually I've been to GPS or I accessing a psychiatrist or I've done no mental health work before or you're the first person I've seen but you get it glimpse into their mental health yes agility yes and I guess that if you work you're sort of see the psychiatrist and psychologist have counseling maybe into the GP and be on medication always or which are valid things to support people it gives you an idea of maybe the route you'll take to the next question yeah absolutely because you want to know from them not only what is they one for therapy or what does it work casting but you want to know that I suppose what you really want to know is your turn some idea how to assess their ego state capacity and particularly their mature adult hmm now first crazy guess they capacity was more...

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